Yesterday was spent dealing with progress on the job search, and dealing with my rebelling body. The next Tysabri does is only eleven days away, but it feels like an eternity.
It doesn’t make a lot of sense, either. It’s not like I’ve been roaming around, or trying to fix complicated problems at work…..
So, today, up early, refill pill container, watch the news, get a bit to eat, write, then back to bed.
I’d forgotten that I’d picked out something for today. I expect that’ll happen more often as I whittle down these prompts.
Book that left a lasting impression. Why?
One of the recycled things from a few days ago was something I’d been trying from How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World by Harry Browne.
It’s probably been fifteen years since I last read it. Maybe I ought to do that.
That said, I’m limited. If memory serves, a lot of the sort of things he mentions are things that only a healthy person can really do.
What would I do if I was healthy, single?
Well, I would already be somewhere else, and my apartment would be up on AirBnB.
One of the local TV reports, with whom I am acquainted, along with someone on Nextdoor.com, were complaining about a persistent beep coming from the corner where I used to live. I’d imagine the place is getting pretty empty, even one of the building’s biggest advocates is supposed to be gone I tweeted back at him that it’s probably my old place. The new owners seem to want people to GTFO so they can thoroughly renovate it for the first time since the Truman Administration.
When we moved in where we are now, I expressed interest in seeing what they did to it. At this point, however, I really can’t bring myself to care. I fully anticipate the few good features of the building to be replaced with things that allow tenants to be hermetically-sealed inside their units. But, hey, granite counter tops!!1!
Other stuff….
Between three and four yesterday afternoon, I got five queries from three different recruiters about two jobs.
One job was local, but paid about half of what I’d be looking for, and wasn’t really the sort of work I’m qualified to perform.
the other was shorter, and out-of-state. It was work I could do, but nothing at all interesting.
As I’ve been wading through the mess of jobs, I’d suspected that this wave of contract employment was in reaction to the Affordable Care Act. This guy puts about as positive a spin on it as possible. Do I agree with him? No. He tiptoes around the reason the US has such a messed-up system by trying to point out other bits in history where “employer-sponsored” insurance hit.
I do think that this wave of fixed=term contracts is something that’s a direct result of health care.
For those of us with expensive conditions, and conditions that make us miss work frequently, it behooves employers to just not hire us..
Is there more to say? Sure. I could warble on all day about it. Do I want to do that? No.