Do you ever feel as though you are the only one with a logical mind? 
Going off of my brief tangent yesterday, in today’s political climate, yes, I do sometimes believe I am the only person in a group that is logical.  This may make me sound conceited, but I don’t care (which probably also makes me sound conceited).  I have seen more relationships end of the current POTUS than I have ever seen over any issue.  It is something I am unable to wrap my head around.
So this person has a different view than you and that makes them both wrong and evil? 
Don’t you dare bring up something from their side, because then you are just making excuses for the person they don’t agree with.  No, I just wan you t you to realize that both sides are incredibly flawed.  One is not better than the other, they both are terrible.  To me it is like being able to choose your own means of execution, and you know they both hurt like hell.
Somewhat of an offside, I am enjoying this so far.  It is a more extensive version of my 5-year Q&A journal (which surprisingly I have been able to keep up with for 4 years).  I originally wanted it to be able to track my progress through earning my bachelor’s degree.  There are some telling questions, but there are other entries when I sit and wonder what was going on that day that I wrote that.
I do think I am a logical person, and I think that infuriates people who are so biased in their thought patterns that they see it as an attack on them.  No, I just want you to think and to question.  That is all I ever want anyone to do is to think and to question, because if you don’t you will never start to understand things outside the world you have created for yourself, and that is a scary, disturbing proposition to me.
Until tomorrow…