What do you feel about banned books?
I find them stupid.  It is just another way of brainwashing people into thinking how you want them to think.  Many of them are banned for what I think are dumb reasons.  A few examples:
“The Diary of Anne Frank” banned because she talks about female anatomy.
“To Kill a Mockingbird” banned for racist topics.
I think many of the banned books show ways that people thought in the past, and I believe we need to remember the consequences of thinking in certain ways, or the past will repeat itself.  It’s 2017, and we still have KKK rallies.  Why?  People don’t take the time to understand the history, they are just ready to revolt against anything they don’t agree with.  How does that progress anyone?  It doesn’t.
I can understand how certain language can be very offensive to people, which is the reason many of Mark Twain’s books are banned, but those bans come from the connotations that certain words bring up.  At the same time, I think we need to be aware of this language and its effect on people, because I can guarantee that uses it in modern society will solicit an unpleasant reaction, as it should, no matter what race you are.
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