Have you ever had a strong belief completely disproven by facts and evidence?
Maybe it’s that I don’t have a lot of strong beliefs, but no.
Have there been things I’ve changed my conclusion on in light of new evidence?
The list of things I’ve change my mind on is pretty lengthy.
I try to listen especially, to views that differ from mine.
Am I perfect in doing it? No.
Are there some arguments that I’ll reject out-of-hand? Sure.
If you use Chomsky as your backing evidence, I’m going to critique it incredibly harshly. I remember listening to a podcast once where this thirty-something wouldn’t answer a question because he wasn’t sure what Zinn had said about it. My neck is still sore from my head shakes months afterwards.
And I get sidetracked, stumbling on this.
There are things that aren’t worth debating; maybe the Flat Earth Society still exists. I don’t care to look.
For tomorrow: How do you handle someone being inappropriate?
I don’t think this prompt was written recently, but in light of Weinstein, Louis C.K., perhaps the right answer is to move the plant so it obscures the view more…