Long day is long. I did make it through, though, and voted against the patronage candidate for governor. Much as they like to tout that they’re totes different these days, they nominate someone who’d be very much at home in the Byrd Organization.
I think, though, the literature peddler outside the polling place was surprised that I didn’t want his sample ballot…..
On to the prompt.
Have you ever felt that you were singled out even though someone else was actually breaking the rules but you weren’t
This is one of the areas where my dad really comes out in me. One of his favorite phrases was, “what says that/where’s that written?”
Between that, my own Army training, and my law school prep, doing things completely free-form is totally foreign to me.
Much to Boomers’ chagrin, I don’t have my own style.
Yes, there’s room for creativity in how you choose to comply with published rules, but that doesn’t mean you just ignore that they exist.
In fact, worrying about how to comply with rules can actually improve your solution. I’m hammering this out after dealing with a work problem that just by approaching the problem differntly, it is possible to do things more efficiently, and follow the published rules.
I know, unpossible, right?
Been doing this a long time
At least, now, I’m away from the pittance I was making before. But the situation still sucks.
For tomorrow, where I’ll have more time to write as I’ll be away from home, again…..
Are you happy with the person you’ve become?