What are some qualities of bad bosses? What would you not do if you were supervising others? 

I missed part of this prompt, somewhere.  Oh well.  It happens.

After a very long day working, today, though, I guess a key would be communication.  There’s a difference between Lumbergh-style micromanagement, and leaving people on islands with zero feedback.

If you thought that I’m seeking feedback this evening, you’d be correct.

Yes, I’m adept at what they’ve got me doing.  Still, it is beyond tedious work.  My eyes are not happy that I’ve been staring at a poorly-constructed Java monstrosity pretty much all day.

But it does pay the bills, and the Saints beat the Rams yesterday afternoon.

I kind of have a working theory of football that was once again proved correct — if you serve up the fortyburger, you lose.  Even if you managed to come back and tie it up, if you served it up, you end up losing the game.

Does history repeat itself?  Why or why not?


I’m very much in the “no” coalition on this one.  Things happen, but the background circumstances are rarely the same.  Maybe the outcome is the same, but…..

Apologies to the non-existent readers for the curt entry;  I’m tired.