Kinda forcing myself to write some during my lunch break today.  I’ve been sofa king busy with work the past few days.

I am tired, and need to force myself to step away from the humdrum.

But on to the prompt.

What is the most expensive thing you have ever bought for yourself?

Obviously, my Mustang.  I really probably shouldn’t have bought it, but it was a lot of fun for awhile when I had it.

Frivolities are kind of an afterthought these days.  I say that just as I’d confirmed yet another MRI.

Tube Cruise?


(The “tube cruise” bit is sarcastic.  I do take Valium to stop twitching, so I could seem stoned AF….)

I was hoping that I could pluck off another prompt from one of the OD folks, but there’s nothing there.

So, what else am I remotely excited about today.

Andrew Heaton coming to The Blaze with a podcast.  He had a couple of funny bits in the announcement this morning.

  • Oklahoma is Texas’s Canada
  • Alex Jones reading NPR stories

I am sort of going to root for the Steelers tonight.  Yes, it’s because I want a Panthers’ loss to help the Saints.  But what can you say.

I’m wondering whether I should write tomorrow’s entry tonight because I’ll likely be out of it this time tomorrow.  Hmm.