Write about someone who is no longer a part of your life. Could be a love, a friend, a relative. Why aren’t they a part of your life anymore?

This might be one that’d be better for my wife to write about, considering all the drama that’s happened this week with her extended family.

I’ve made nods towards this recently.

There’s a group of people who don’t know how to deal with me because of my disease’s effects.  I’m not up to do the sorts of things I used to do.  Although not as fragile as it used to be, my financial standing doesn’t allow me to pick up the bill on almost everything.  Maybe that makes them “users.”  Maybe it means I was a sucker, spending money I shouldn’t have in exchange for attention/affection.  So those people have drifted away, but I can’t bring myself to really care.

There’s never been an instance when I really wished I could call up $name for advice on how to deal with a challenge.  Not that I really share things, even with those closest to me.  I do miss having my dad around for some of those things;  he was the one I went to on those.

Here’s where I refrain from writing about something that didn’t go well…..

So, there’s another group, those who’ve been taken with things I view negatively.  In a lot of ways, and maybe this makes me a bigot, it usually revolves around religious adoption.  Few, though, have actually adopted an internationally-recognized faith.  More often, they’ve adopted, with religious fervor, crazy ideologies.

Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, Barack Obama, Paul Krugman, Dave Ramsey, Alex Jones, to name a few.

There’s no single way to live, and letting people choose different paths is not a bad thing.  

Don’t like someone doing x?  Okay, fine.  How long do you plan to lock them in cages for continuing to do that which you don’t like?

That question is never popular.  Even less popular when you dig down to the essence of a sanitized political argument.  So, you go on MSNBC, and say that someone is guilty of treason.  Translation:  You want to see that someone executed.  Proving an actual crime is less important than actually seeing someone with whom you disagree murdered.

So those folks steer away from me.  Maybe I should be concerned about that, but I can’t bring myself to care;  good riddance.