So, I’ve kept up with this, albeit it some of them have been kind of half-assed.

I’m incredibly busy, and I’m having trouble keeping up with everything lately.  Case in point?  I had to schedule a dental appointment I had scheduled for the Monday after Thanksgiving.  I got an emergency work task that’ll not let me get away.

To that, too, I’ve been working pretty much continuously since 0800, and am just now stopping at 1800.  Sofa King Tired.

So, what else interesting is going on?  I’m cooking for Thanksgiving.  I’m not doing anything terribly fancy.  I don’t get an opportunity to do much cooking anymore, so I take the opportunities as they come.  About the extent of my culinary adventures lately is either reheating leftovers in the oven, or nuking microwave ramen or pho.

I guess, though, I should be more attentive, but there’s only so many spoons at the ready.

Hmmm.  Spoons.  I want pudding.

Yeah, I’m finished concentrating for the day.  *yawn*  What’s for dinner?

I will say this, though, before I run, I like doing this each November.  It is something on which I can focus apart from my health, and my work.  Maybe I should find better prompts to get the writing flowing a bit more.  Hmmmmmmmm….