Just as I’d been congratulating myself for sticking to this, getting everything togerher on-time, I totally spaced on it until I was already in bed last night.

Another incredibly busy day working, then calculating the particulars of Thanksgiving.

I guess we’re going to my SIL’s family’s gathering.  That means I don’t have to cook.


I was actually sort of excited about doing that.  My wife isn’t a big turkey fan, so I probably won’t have an excuse to try doing it again this year, unless I get the call to do Christmas dinner.

That said, the incredible success of the homemade prime rib might get calls for that, instead.

It’s fine, though.

I may have to revisit some of my prompts for later in the month, when I’m discussing Thanksgiving plans, and results.

On to yesterday’s prompt…..

What was the last thing on your mind as you fell asleep last night?

These sheets are really warm.  I wish the air coming through my mask was similarly warm.

It snowed here, Thursday, probably more than people had expected.  Very cold in the house, which I don’t like.  For whatever reason, they like to keep this place colder than I would.  Maybe it’s for the benefit of one of the animals, but I’m not going to ask.  It’s just impetus to get out.

I did find some promising landing targets.  They probably aren’t what Sarah’s looking for, but they’re where I’d be, again, comfortable.  Maybe.  Is that even possible?