Do you ever feel the need to play Devil’s Advocate? 
All the time.  I don’t do it to be controversial or combative (most of the time), but I sincerely believe that people need to understand both viewpoints to any argument.  One thing I absolutely can’t stand is when someone won’t listen to an argument, just because they don’t like a certain group or person.  This abounds during the current administration, because it is Trump and the Republicans, nothing good can be done.  Well I can tell you all of the good the Affordable Care Act has done for me, but it’s a very short list, and I’d be getting off topic.  Maybe that will be another topic for another day.
Playing the Devil’s Advocate for me leads a person to better understand an issue, because it gives an unbiased view and generally provides a complete set of facts.
Until tomorrow…

One thought on “11.2.17”

  1. I’m thinking of the guy with whom I used to work that actually had the ability to lose an argument to himself.
    Of course, I’ve done similar things to myself, like with the Shmoocon talk where I gave up on it after I couldn’t refute an argument that was going to come up……
    At the same time, though, is that really playing “Devil’s Advocate,” or just making sure your argument is solid?

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