So today was a day of unexpected events. 

Someone in my family showed a side that they don’t normally show, to someone who everyone else in the family believes is undeserving of that kind of reaction, myself included.  I find it hard to have a soft spot for someone who I could easily say is pure evil. 

On top of that, the workday did not go as planned.  About 2 hours into my shift, the phones and the network went down.  We tried to set up a hotspot on a phone and that worked okay, but around the middle of the day, we were told to go home and telework.  When a coworker tried to video chat with me, we discovered that my laptop camera doesn’t work.  So that’s another thing I will have to take care of I guess.  I think my coworkers may try to help me figure that out, which hopefully they can and I don’t have to go through IT because I know that will not be a quick process. 

I am also wondering if the trip into work in the morning will be pointless or not.  Hopefully they have restored service and we can all get back on a normal schedule. 

And people wonder why I don’t like surprises.  

Until tomorrow…