This was perhaps the most thought-provoking talk I’ve seen so far.

That said, it wasn’t probably because of the reasons the presenters wanted.

A family member is a data scientist. He and I have had discussions about using data in the decision-making process.

Yes, this presentation presented a ton of data. That said, in my opinion, however, little of the data they collected really matters for either decision-making, or product quality.

The third speaker was from a well-known group that uses data to drive its recommendations. Much like this unnamed organizations automobile and computer recommendations, I don’t place a lot of weight in those recommendations.

In a lot of circumstances, even with all the collected data, the recommendations are really just personal preference.

I’ve run into that, too, with some of my professional experiences. A recommendation was preferred, and it was my job to doctor things so the pre-determined winner actually won.

A former customer, specifically a former GS-14, didn’t like that sort of engineering.

Perhaps I’ll find something more compelling to write about this, but things aren’t really coming together at this point. My head is swimming from all the talks today.