Sure Happy It’s Thursday

Before TGIF, there’s SHI…Thursday.

The second part of the week has already been very trying, and almost resulted in an impromptu resignation by me midday.

If you ask me a question, at least have the common courtesy to let me finish my answer before you start talking.

So, though I resisted hasty action, my choice is as easy as I’ve ever made.

In other news, start of Hampton Roads IT conventioneering has started anew. Blame the obstinance of the Shmoo people, outrageous speed of ticket sales. While I’d grown to appreciate the wintertime trip to the capitol, it’s clear that they’ve no place for someone like me. That’s okay. There’s good things here, despite my resolution to leave once my wife finishes school.

I am a bit concerned about a few things with this, however, and I wonder if I’ll be able to voice them without sounding confrontational. In short — we probably won’t draw any out-of-towners with something in frosty Hampton or Newport News.

On an unrelated note, perhaps I’m now too comfortable with writing in November, and am seeing it negatively affect my output at other times. I applied for a writing gig last week; they want a writing sample. I’ve been putting off writing it, and am considering withdrawing my interest. It’s not very much money, and I don’t think I’d be missing anything by not being a professional blogger.

I mean, I know my blog sucks. So does yours. The level of suckiness varies, but they all ultimately suck. This potential assignment perhaps sucks less than many, but I’m still skeptical about whether I want it.

Unrelated, but something I’m still proud of — I think I was able to better articulate what I’d like to do with my business. You would think that someone who’d bought a ton of letters after his name could artfully describe things, but the proper application of the techniques the game of minesweeper shows, actually make investment in the letters wasteful. Ironic. Sorta like rain on your wedding day.