Do you work better on a schedule or freelancing your time? 
I work better on a schedule or at least if I have a to-do list.  Otherwise, I end up getting off track and doing stuff that isn’t what I needed to get done.  Sometimes I am just lazy and don’t feel like doing stuff.  This is even more prevalent when my husband is home from being gone for work all week.  I want to spend time with him, not mopping the floors or cleaning the dishes.  Also, as Daylight Savings Time has hit this past weekend, I have yet to get used to it being dark at 5 o’clock. I am not a fan of DST and think we need to get rid of it.  As it is darker and colder (at some point I’m guessing it will start to be colder), I will have less and less desire to get out of bed I’m sure.
Even now, I am writing a NoJoMo entry instead of washing my dishes.  I better get to that.
Until tomorrow…