Funny that this is my prompt on yet another day that my fantasy teams lay an egg again. The Saints are on a bye this week, and I’m out of town. *shrug* Tomorrow is my grandfather’s ninetieth birthday, so my brother, his wife, and I came down.

I will write more about the particulars tomorrow.

I’m staying by myself in a casino hotel room.

I suppose I could be either more down, or more excited about this, but….

I do really like what the Saints and Patriots are doing when it comes to football.

I’m really happy to see the blessed Aaron Rodgers lose to a really-not-very-good Chargers team.

I’m happy to see that the Dolphins might have relinquished the bottom spot in the league to the woeful Redskins. I have serious doubts that the Monday Night game will even be worth tuning in.

So, there’s a Sunday night for me. Hard to imagine that this could be more blah.

Maybe staggering down to the gaming floor will raise m mood.