Staying Put

This weekend’s news? We’re staying put for another year or so. Whether or not this is good news or not is open to debate.

I’ve also pretty much made up my mind on how I’m planning to vote Tuesday. Though, traditionally, I’ve been a vote-first-thing-in-the-morning guy, I’m going to go after work. In 2008, I had to wait three hours; I want my vote to count, so I chose not to go cast an early absentee ballot. I can come home after work, chill out for a bit, then go over to the Chrysler Museum. If I’m in line by 1900, they have to let me vote.

Pretty disgusting seeing the tweets from NBC tonight; they’re so desperately hoping that something goes incredibly wrong with the voting Tuesday. Yes, they want Obama to win, and the Democrats to keep at least one part of the Congress. But the messier the better for Sweeps. Sandy is over. Not a lot of people died. That’s a bad thing for TV weenies.