Day 21

Tomorrow is the fiftieth anniversary of JFK’s assassination. Waiting to see how TV news plays it just like everybody remembers it. You know, how they did when we hit the 50th anniversary of “The Day The Music Died.” Newsflash: The POTUS was a baby. I wasn’t born. My parents were in elementary school.

If it sounds like I’m dawdling, I am. I have to go get blood taken. Great way to start the weekend, dontchathink?

So, what’s going on for Thanksgiving? Headed to the inlaws’ tomorrow. My brother and his wife are coming down this weekend, so I guess we’ll go have dinner with my mom on Saturday. I have no idea what she’s actually planning to do tomorrow. Did I not ask on purpose? Well, no. But…

I have training in a couple of weeks, meaning I have to go in to the office. Pfffft. And the first day of it, I have to leave early, because they’re going to shove all sorts of things into exit-only places (both of ’em…at the same time). I’m pumped, right?

So, on to the prompts, then off to the leeching.

1. What makes you unique?


2. What is your very favorite meal and/or drink?

You know, I honestly don’t know at this point. I’ve been trying to use my pallate more while I still have use of it. (Yes, this damn disease might eventually take my senses of smell and taste….) I notice things more than I used to. Some of that is training, probably.

It’s sort of amusing watching the cooking shows, with their focus on presentation. Isn’t that irrelevant after the first couple of bites? Though I do appreciate the pastry folks’ work; I am certainly not skilled enough to make anything look pretty. See: a really bad birthday cake I made for my wife. But it tasted good.