I meant to go look for old things to write about this morning. I slept oddly last night, and am worried about email nonsense I haven’t addressed since probably 2005.
When I logged on to Facebook this morning, I was confronted with an old selfie of a very fat, very sweaty me from 2009, stuck in the elevator of my old building.
I’m looking at my old archives to see if I wrote anything that day about it. Nope. The closest thing was from 8/21 that year.

30 - 8/21/2009
bleh. My odometer is ticking.

If memory serves, since I didn’t write, I was still working 60-hour weeks.  It was hot, and the elevator in the building quit working while I was riding down to the laundry room.
My life at that point was pretty much just work, unfortunately.  Googling around shows that August 11, 2009 was a Tuesday.  I often did laundry on Tuesday nights.  The laundry situation in the building wasn’t good.  There were four washer, four dryers.  All were coin-operated.  One of the older washers was a quarter cheaper than the newer ones.  I would periodically go to a bank near my office to get $40 in quarters to last me for a few weeks.
I hadn’t married my wife yet, so it wasn’t like I had a ton of clothes to wash.
If you’d told me then I’d be in the situation where I am now, I would have thought you were crazy.  Does lead me to my prompt for today….
How do you handle sudden life changes?
I’ve long considered myself very adaptable.  Growing up, with my dad’s career in the Army, we moved a lot.
Since I got sick, it’s been a lot tougher.
But I haven’t just thrown my hands up.  When do you reach your breaking point?
It’s kind of a all-or-nothing proposition.  Once I stop, I’m finished.