Day 6

Nothing much is doing for me lately. I didn’t tweet yesterday’s entry, or post it to G+ for obvious reasons.

But if someone reads it, asks me about it, I’m not going to deny the emotion that went into it.

Similarly, I won’t deny my reaction to the election yesterday. A few years ago, one of the local pundits write a tome about how Governor McDonnell was the heir to the Byrd Organization.

Uh, no. The Byrd Organization would not have been okay with an Irish Catholic Republican Notre Dame alumnus for anything above garbage collection.

The out-of-state interest groups that ran ads banked on the fact that the young hipsters would be so ignorant of history that they’d happily vote for old school Southern Democrat.

Politicians are prohibited from voting their religious convictions if those convictions don’t align with “progressive” orthodoxy. I sincerely hope some of those elected yesterday really are a new breed of bigotry-free Democrat.

I’m not holding my breath, honestly.

Not that the Republican ticket was much to write home about, but…

(As for Democratic side, McAuliffe might have some redeeming qualities. I did see them at one time, but haven’t in a long time. The other two ticket nominees, OTOH…..everything that’s was wrong with old school WASP Dixiecrats. Something something leopard spots something something. Cluestick: these are the people who shut schools rather than integrate. Yet, now they’re all about progress? Really? Seriously?)


What does being courageous mean to you?

I’m not courageous; I don’t know.