Out of sync

I am when it comes to writing. It’s a combination of a paucity of available time, combined with unfamiliarity with my new tools. If I was getting paid to write, I’d probably be more attentive to it, but….

Money does enter the equation. I will never be satisfied delivering something that is of poor quality just so that I can get paid, especially when I do understand what good quality is. I will deliver something that’s not up to my standards if it meets the needs of those to whom it’s actually delivered.

Splitting hairs, perhaps. Maybe there’s some letters after my name I could buy that’d teach me to get over it.

On a somewhat related note, big media is reporting that RSA took payment to keep inferior products insecure. But it costs a lot so it must be goot! *sigh*


What can you say? Better products and methods are out there, but they don’t buy the colored shirts with white collars, pay the rental note from the bank, etc..

And God forbid someone actually spend the time and money engineering something different, better. Can’t have that.

“You’re pushing back.”