Hardware Crypto

I went to see this after seeing this story a few weeks back.

In my current gig (and I’m still more than open to something else *hint*), I’m planning to use these sorts of things for something.

I guess what I was looking to see was whether it might still be possible to use these sorts of hardware crypto devices to augment software, even if they’re insecure. Yes, with my BSD mention, you might think that I’m a gray-bearded fat guy, but, I do remember the FDIV Bug. Even if you somehow still have one of those chips, there’s ways to work around the bug, but still use the co-processor, not turning your Pentium into a 586SX.

I was hoping to see plans for something like that. On the lesser platforms that lack a buggy crypto device, you can still do everything in software.

No dice; this was focused more on enterprise-grade crypto jank. Very few people ever find themselves using such hardware. Ever.

But the presentation was still pretty good. I just think the target audience was rather limited.