The More You Know….

The less nostalgia you might have.

Things have come to light over the past couple of months that make me ask who knew what, and when.

People do go to prison.  I was told emphatically that that just didn’t happen.  Guess what — it does.

And, even if it’s not explicitly your job, you do have a responsibility to keep everybody honest.

“It’s not a moral issue!”

Actually, it is.  If you’re so busy trying to keep from seeing that it is both a moral and ethical issue, you’re beyond help.

When I’m full of shit, I deserve to be told so.  When I’m considering doing something that I know isn’t right, I should be reminded.

Maybe there’s some letters after my name I can buy that’ll convince me that hair can actually be split longitudinally into five pieces.

Or maybe it’d be better for me to just act omniscient, and later be proven a charlatan.  (That’s to someone else who refuses to answer email, or pick up the phone.)

So, what have I learned with this latest unplanned vacation?

1.  Hiding who and what I am doesn’t benefit me at all, and;

2.  Don’t trust the “old ways” of doing things.  They’re often incredibly expensive, and ultimately ineffective.

Number two is probably very offensive to some people.  See number one;  I don’t care.