Unhealthy Healthcare IT

This week’s been less than fun, and culminated with me having a rather serious flare.  Three days of Solu-Medtrol later, I’m somewhat okay.  I can at least read text off my phone, which I couldn’t do Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

That I tolerated the infusions okay probably means I’m going to be headed for Tysabri.  I’m not terribly thrilled, but if it’d keep my eyes where they are now, it’d be worth it. If they get my eyes back to the point where I can drive again, even better.

But with the tumult after the four-letter laid me off, because my former shining example of a boss screwed up my paperwork, things didn’t get squared away with my COBRA paperwork until after my coverage terminated.  Of course, it was reinstated retroactive after we paid, but….

I’ve been spending copious amounts of time dealing with various docs’ and insurance companies’ sites.  None of them work together.  Google Health died a couple of years ago.  The healthcare.gov rollout has been an unmitigated disaster.

Today, I’ve been trying to get a refill on one of my medications.  Because I was supposed to order the refill during the time my coverage had lapsed on paper, I didn’t.  I have to get my PCP to call it in.  And I’ll be out before the mailorder house can get the stuff processed and shipped, much less delivered.

Of course, I’m having to juggle four website logins while I’m doing this, none of which really communicates with the others.  (The prescription and health insurance sort of do, but there’s sometimes a couple of days’ delay before things get updated.)

Why don’t we have single-payer insurance, or a system where the consumer would choose whatever insurance he wanted, and stick with it regardless of his employment situation?

My property insurance company provides health coverage, but it’s through another company, not directly through them.  I can continue getting raped paying COBRA.  (And when I say that, I’m not kidding.  It costs more than rent/power/intertubes/tv/etc.)  I can try whatever healthcare.gov barfs out.  Or….?

Disability isn’t something I can really consider yet, nor does it do anything about my wife.

Say it with me, with gusto, “FORWARD.”