This thing about Firefox’s CEO and OK Cupid came up on a friend’s Facebook feed. Longer, testier, description of the nontroversy here.

Most of my searching shows that Firefox is somewhere shy of 20% market share.

“If a tree falls in the woods, and there’s nobody there to hear it, does it make a sound?”

(Setting aside for a moment that unless you’re in a vacuum, it always makes a sound. I had a slickieboy BD guy look at me quizzically when I refuted his “perception is reality” assertion by asking if that tree ever failed to make a sound… “PERCEPTION IS REALITY!!!1!”)

So, of those eighteen percent of people browsing with Firefox, how many will visit OK Cupid? Of that fraction of a fraction (Sup, dawg?), how many will be outraged by what this guy gave money to?

I’m reminded of William & Mary’s most famous alumnus (since Darren Sharper figured out that, unlike Spanish Fly, roofies actually work….) on Crossfire years ago. In a country with more than 300,000,000 people, how can a show with average viewership of less than 500,000 be hurting America? Nobody’s watching.