I’d say this would pair nicely with Matt Sharp’s Thoughts From A Slow Train, but that’s not available on YouTube…..

Sunday afternoon, we were watching some of Bourdain’s Parts Unknown best-of episode. He had some interesting things from Detroit last season. Much has been made of the deterioration of Detroit, but little seems focused on how to actually bring it back. I have my own ideas about how to revive urban life, but they’d require changes even the politicians who run on CHANGE are unwilling to consider.

Still, it’s not just the industrial-era bastions of American might that are collapsing. There’s plenty of nasty suburbia that people have let die the last couple of decades. Who’s overseen that? Your kids are busy occupying Wall Street, when you’re grinning mightily at how your 401k is doing.

Rest comfortable in that, y’all. Thinking of what you’ve let slide into ruin might give you a headache. No, you can’t have your Aleve back. Not yours, desipite whatever the commercial on NBC Nightly News says. Oh, but the 1964 World’s Fair was so neat! yeah, about that.

Taking the time to investigate why things are the way they are is too tough. Better break out the Tylenol, again; you switched to that today, remember?  Cluetick:  it’s not the CEOs.  Yes, they’re getting incredibly rich.  Why?  You own the shares, and every time they tick up a penny unexpectedly, they get paid — outrageously, in some cases.

Do I really have a point with this? Yes, but I don’t think most people would care. Oh well. So, I’ll just go away, and leave whoever’s reading with this…..