So, new month, same issues.
Very disappointed my Tysabri infusion isn’t until next week. I’m exhausted, and need a recharge.
Very positive conversation yesterday about work pursuit. We’ll see what comes of it, but I think that the manager asked when I’d be able to start is probably a positive thing.
I need a haircut before I do. And Tysabri.
So prompt before I tail off….
What’s your take on religion?
Some are better than others. God didn’t write what a Sixteenth Century English monarch translated into English. Similarly, there is no Xenu.
I’m just as certain of those as I am that Jesus lived. I’m also pretty sure there were Caesars in Rome.
When I was younger, I was a pretty committed atheist. As I’ve aged, however, I’ve been more open to the idea of an uncaused first cause.
I think that change started by encountering people who were committed scientists, as well as adherent Catholics. To twenty year-old me, that didn’t make much sense, but I understand it better now.
Is there an afterlife? I have faith that there is. If the things that I’ve done to help ensure I get to a good place in the afterlife.
Why would I brush my teeth if the world might end this afternoon? If the world ends, my breath isn’t bad. If it doesn’t end, maybe I don’t get a cavity. It takes a few minutes, so what have I lost?
i’m having trouble focusing on this, unfortunately. the podcast in my ear probably isn’t helping. Discussion of the influence of refugee voters from the Progressive Paradise that is Venezuela.