Followup to last

So, no progression on the lesions on the MRI, but nurse said the neuro wants to switch me to a different medication.  If you’re confused, so am I.

I’ll push back on it, unless there’s a really compelling reason.  If it’s working, I’d just assume not switch.  Yes, taking shots every single day seriously sucks.  But it’ll have been fourteen months on monday, and I haven’t missed a single one.

Dunno.  I guess we’ll see.


So, MRI today.  The techs weren’t really forthcoming with the information, and I don’t really like having to wait.  I’ve delayed my prescription refill until next week, hoping the neuro’s office will let me know before my appointment next week that everything is a-okay.


But I still can’t say I’m used to this nonsense, and the reflective dye injection still treats me badly.  I didn’t have as bad a reaction this time, but still felt like I was going to puke.  Bleh.  I’m thinking that, more than the other concerns, makes the Tysabri less of an option for me if I need to switch meds.  The results about improvements in vision, along with it being only once a month are plusses, but, still, IV.  Bleh.


Wages stagnant, because what would have been given as raises is being spent on health care. While I still thin there’s not a way to fix things other than a single-payer insurance system (not this mess the ACA created, or HSAs), this sort of accounting analysis is blasphemous to people who support organized labor at all costs.

Count them as income, and see how much that line worker is actually earning. Do the same for me, too, but I actually pay income taxes.


My degree is in Governmental Administration.  I am a highly-trained bureaucrat.  There are few people who could hope to out-process me.  Still, there’s times when you need to apply common sense to a situation.


If someone passes out on the hottest day of the year, you don’t need to give him a whiz quiz.


Buh buh buht POLICY!!!1!  Yeah, fuck it.  It’s 105 degrees outside.  Use your goddamned brain for a minute.  Pumping someone full of saline so he can piss in a cup for you doesn’t make a damn bit of sense.  It can wait until Monday, when the person has had a chance to rehydrate.




What, you can’t link your Orkut account?!?!


Anyway, much thanks to Drew for the invite.  Good seeing Matt there, too.

Independence Day

Nice BBQ at mom’s with wife+inlaws.  Good food.  I’ve been horrible about keeping up with my writing lately.  It happens.  I’ve been writing stuff I actually get paid for.  What have I learned over the past three weeks?


IA people are bigger idiots than I ever imagined.

Record deficit

No, I’m not talking about some government.


Of motivation to write lately.  Function of having had to do lots of it at work, the place where I normally write being down for several days,


Went up to meet my mom’s new dog, had late lunch/early dinner.  Now some motivation recharge.  Maybe.


People are crying over the beggin’ station cutting shows that nobody wants to watch.  They’d put on something like Jersey Shore, but it’d probably be about Mennonites or Quakers peddling antiques from a quaint roadside stand in some Northern hellhole.  Waiting on that Ken Burns special detailing the history of Scrapple.

And today really is Tuesday

There’s an interesting meme going around with Rebecca Black, complete with hipster glasses, saying “I liked Friday when it was still Thursday.”


I wanted to write a lot this evening;  better than doing a load of laundry, but neither is happening.


Instead, watching true crime shit on the DVR and drinking Belgian beer.


(*taptaptap* Is anyone at all reading this?)

Feels like Tuesday

Going nuts trying to get little projects finished here, there, everywhere.  What’s suffered?  My writing.  That said, I feel more productive lately than I’ve been in a long time, in spite of being quite lazy this past weekend.


I’m not sure who she is, but she describes things I have trouble articulating pretty well.  The odd thing about that description is that I haven’t felt well in so long, it’s difficult to classify exactly how I feel on a given day.  Some days are worse than others, certainly, but I think the last time I felt really normal would have been probably 1997.  Obviously, I’ve accomplished a lot since then, but…..


Enough with that.  As the title says, it feels like Tuesday.  I know it’s Wednesday, but the Monday holiday screws things up a bit.


Tracking back to Jesio’s IYRTP column on AltDaily…..

My comment is at the bottom.  I think there’s reckoning going on in the “journalism” racket.  It starts with higher education, something they have been blissfully ignorant of for years.  Suppression of unpopular ideas on campus is nothing new;  it’s only a story when it starts happening to the people who are supposed to be the watchmen get the axe — the same people who’ve been hesitant to do the job they claim to do, all the while obscuring where they get their livelihoods.  Think “Green Week” on NBC when GE owned it.  So, what’s a consumer to do?  Get information from many different sources, accept that every single one is biased, and reach your own conclusions.


I drive people nuts when I say things like that, I know.  I’m biased, you’re biased, everyone has preferences and biases.  The work I do these requires objectivity — part of what I have to do is try to set aside my preconceived notions, and accept whatever the numbers tell me.  It ain’t easy sometimes to set aside those biases, and it’s important to put them out there at the start, but……

A realtor always thinks it’s a good time to buy a new home.

Your barber thinks you need a haircut.

Your dentist thinks you could use a full cleaning.

And so on…..