Compile a list of words that describe you as a child. Compile a second list that describes you as you are now.  How are these lists the same? How are they different?

Then:  Cartman.

Now:  Husband.  Hard worker.  Mustache platform.  Wife annoyer.

My wife isn’t really enjoying the ‘stache this year.

Very, very long day today.  See the second phrase of the “now” §.

I know for sure I couldn’t pull off the work I’m doing now if I was having to drag myself into an office.

The Chiefs-Rams’ game got moved out of Messico because the players were worried about getting injured.  I guess the players don’t remember Veterans’ Stadium in Philly.

I got my MRI results back.  The person who was reviewing them didn’t have my last one for comparison, but there weren’t any active lesions, at least.

The machine up here was a bit noisier than the one in Norfolk, but not nearly as loud as the one they used when I was diagnosed.

How much do I have to work tomorrow?  Another late night scheduled, plus work on Saturday.  Pffft.

I am looking forward to a bit of a break Christmas and New Year’s.


What is your favorite kind of weather?  Why?

I actually went outside today, so this is kind of applicable.

I really like the early fall;  middle-September to about middle-October.  You still get warm days, but it gets cool at night.  There might still be some tropical weather, but it won’t stay uncomfortably humid.  If the power goes out, it’s not going to be too bothersome.

i write this, of course, just as it looks like it’s going to snow here on Thursday.

Synoptically, the set-up is favorable for a winter storm. However, since it`s so earlier in the season, the quality of the cold air is in question, and ground temperatures aren`t especially cold yet.

I showed Sarah the fun that is the NWS Forecast Discussion for Katrina, which I saw come across the AP wire when I came in to work that evening.

I still get a shiver running up my back when I read it.

After a very long day, though, it’s time for me to stop for the evening.


What has been the biggest disappointment in your life that turned out to be a blessing in disguise?

I’ve been pondering this today, interrupted by an interaction with someone from the past.

I was going to say the job that got me away from radio.  I threw myself into it, and came away with bills that I’d be paying for years.

What can I say?  Perhaps a part of me is a bit obsessive.

But I think writing about that does kind of fit the bill.  I absolutely gave every ounce of energy I had to making that whole thing go.  I wrote.  I engineered.  I traveled.  I spent my own meager funds, and I ended up with a better job.

In that better job, I did the same thing.

Did either end up being a “blessing in disguise?”  That’s tough to say, especially that better job.  The first one gave me the opportunity to meet, and fall in love with, my wife.  I have no idea where I’d be, or what I’d be doing had I not met her.

As I plod through this, I get distracted by things like, “why do I seem to be consistently mistyping ‘I”d,” instead of ‘I’d’?”

Maybe I should improve my retrospection.

There’s lots of people with whom I should be resentful, but I can’t bring myself to be.

Maybe that’s the “blessing in disguise” — that I am able to forgive?  My dad used often bring up the JFK quote, “Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.”

I could spend a lot of time focusing on how I’ve been wronged, and who did it, but I haven’t the energy.

I’m content with who I am.  I may not be content with my lot in life, but I’m working on that.


Veterans’ Day.

I’ve been watching the services marking the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I on C-SPAN.

None of the cable news networks had anything on.  Somehow that’s fitting.  It also explains the stupidity I saw when I mistakenly looked at what was out on Facebook. The Marines didn’t want to fly in typically-poor late-fall European weather.

At some point, you have to leave the negativity behind.

So, WWI.  The C-SPAN coverage has been interesting.  One of the callers was talking about his grandfather on a ship out of Newport News.  I looked it up, and one of the photos shown was it sitting pierside at the Coal Piers in Newport News.

Hey!  I’ve worked there before.  On the USNS Red Cloud.

Of course, there’s also the Victory Arch in Newport News, which was built on West Avenue for the returning troops to walk underneath as they were getting off ships from France to get on trains home.

My great-grandfather was a young Army officer during the war.  He died before I was born, but my great-grandmother would tell the story about how, following Infantry Officer Basic, they let the new soldiers go home one last time before shipping out.  They were admonished not to go home, and get married.  All but one or two in my great-grandfather’s company, him included, returned as married men.

My dad turned down a Merchant Marine Academy appointment so he could go be an Army officer like his grandfather.

There’s so little known about all of this, and how it affected world history.

Off to watch Vice President Pence do the ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown.


Write about someone who is no longer a part of your life. Could be a love, a friend, a relative. Why aren’t they a part of your life anymore?

This might be one that’d be better for my wife to write about, considering all the drama that’s happened this week with her extended family.

I’ve made nods towards this recently.

There’s a group of people who don’t know how to deal with me because of my disease’s effects.  I’m not up to do the sorts of things I used to do.  Although not as fragile as it used to be, my financial standing doesn’t allow me to pick up the bill on almost everything.  Maybe that makes them “users.”  Maybe it means I was a sucker, spending money I shouldn’t have in exchange for attention/affection.  So those people have drifted away, but I can’t bring myself to really care.

There’s never been an instance when I really wished I could call up $name for advice on how to deal with a challenge.  Not that I really share things, even with those closest to me.  I do miss having my dad around for some of those things;  he was the one I went to on those.

Here’s where I refrain from writing about something that didn’t go well…..

So, there’s another group, those who’ve been taken with things I view negatively.  In a lot of ways, and maybe this makes me a bigot, it usually revolves around religious adoption.  Few, though, have actually adopted an internationally-recognized faith.  More often, they’ve adopted, with religious fervor, crazy ideologies.

Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, Barack Obama, Paul Krugman, Dave Ramsey, Alex Jones, to name a few.

There’s no single way to live, and letting people choose different paths is not a bad thing.  

Don’t like someone doing x?  Okay, fine.  How long do you plan to lock them in cages for continuing to do that which you don’t like?

That question is never popular.  Even less popular when you dig down to the essence of a sanitized political argument.  So, you go on MSNBC, and say that someone is guilty of treason.  Translation:  You want to see that someone executed.  Proving an actual crime is less important than actually seeing someone with whom you disagree murdered.

So those folks steer away from me.  Maybe I should be concerned about that, but I can’t bring myself to care;  good riddance.

I’m okay with this.

The Internets are saying that FOX News is doing a silent boycott of Twitter after ANTIFA-linked thugs published one of their hosts’ addresses.  Link  Link

Twitter was slow in responding to these people.  Facebook was quick.

But instead of calling them to the fucking Senate for hours of berating by guys who probably don’t even know how to dial a cellphone, they took their message elsewhere.

That’s completely appropriate.


Is there an outfit, a meal, a drink, a style, a whatever, that you feel is the quintessential “you?”

I’m not at all sure why I picked this prompt.

What I wrote in 2012:

Maybe when I was younger. Notsomuch anymore. My wife is befuddled by my like of button-down shirts. I don’t know.

My normal outfit these days?  Jeans and a T-shirt.  DrinkDHMOStyle?  As if.  Whatever?  Exactly.

I’m very disturbed by the reports about this.  I’m not a TC fan, but ANTIFA is a terrorist organization.


Kinda forcing myself to write some during my lunch break today.  I’ve been sofa king busy with work the past few days.

I am tired, and need to force myself to step away from the humdrum.

But on to the prompt.

What is the most expensive thing you have ever bought for yourself?

Obviously, my Mustang.  I really probably shouldn’t have bought it, but it was a lot of fun for awhile when I had it.

Frivolities are kind of an afterthought these days.  I say that just as I’d confirmed yet another MRI.

Tube Cruise?


(The “tube cruise” bit is sarcastic.  I do take Valium to stop twitching, so I could seem stoned AF….)

I was hoping that I could pluck off another prompt from one of the OD folks, but there’s nothing there.

So, what else am I remotely excited about today.

Andrew Heaton coming to The Blaze with a podcast.  He had a couple of funny bits in the announcement this morning.

  • Oklahoma is Texas’s Canada
  • Alex Jones reading NPR stories

I am sort of going to root for the Steelers tonight.  Yes, it’s because I want a Panthers’ loss to help the Saints.  But what can you say.

I’m wondering whether I should write tomorrow’s entry tonight because I’ll likely be out of it this time tomorrow.  Hmm.


What is your favorite kind of weather? Why?

This is kind of coming towards the end of my favorite part of the year.  If I went outside more often, maybe I’d have more comments.

I like feeling it get cold outside.

That said, I really don’t like being cold too much.

I look forward to seeing the snow covering everything from inside where it’s warm.


Another of the things I’m doing is digging through my drafts, and finding things I wanted to write about.

This has been floating around lately.
How can you purport to support “Net Neutrality” while supporting this sort of editing?

Yes, the link still works, which is a relief.

But it does speak to the start of my self-imposed isolation from big tech.

This shit isn’t good for anybody.

I really dislike bigots.  I probably wouldn’t knowingly sell them my products or services (excepting, of course, things covered as public accommodations under the Civil Rights Act.)

If you sell a Nazi a domain name or hosting space, whatever.  I don’t look down on you and your company because of it.

Are they not allowed to have their names on their mailboxes outside their houses?  How about a listing in a phone book?

No, you, with your illiberal beliefs, want to see them dead.  

Kind of ties back to yesterday.  I voted against Tim Kaine, someone I’ve met, and for whom I’ve voted in the past.  I was okay with him winning, and hoped that it’d still be with a mere plurality.  With him in the Senate, maybe he won’t raise another ANTIFA terrorist.


Update:  As of 7:05 this morning, the network seems to be back in the office.  

Anger is an interesting emotion.  Especially when it needs to be contained at work.  So yeah, that’s what’s going on today.  Seems my boss might be about double standards and well, I’m not okay with that. 

He made me come in the office today for a meeting and then told me that I could take off early to go vote.  Today he changes the meeting so that I can’t leave early.  On top of that, he added a conference line, even though he told me that it is easier to have this meeting if everyone is present.  So what am I supposed to think about this now?  I guess I am somehow a lesser part of the team.  Well if that’s the case, if/when something interesting comes along, I will feel no allegiance here.  

Did make it home in time to vote though.

Until tomorrow…