Is there someone you know who likes to beat a dead horse? 
Yes, very much so.  I don’t think a day has gone by since the presidential election where I haven’t had to listen to how Trump is going to destroy the world.  It is so bad at this point that this person is starting to sever family ties because those people are Trump supporters.
I find it funny though, because this person does exactly what they claim the other person does, they are just doing it for a different team.  Somehow, that makes it okay.  No, ignorance is ignorance, it doesn’t matter what side you are on.  I can’t say anything remotely against the Democrats, because then I am supporting Trump (Funny, I didn’t vote for him and I don’t like or respect him).
It just gets to a point where you have to stop and ask yourself how to handle the situation, because they are completely brainwashed and you don’t want to sink to that level.
But, damn that is hard to do!
Until tomorrow…


Have you ever had someone who had a big effect on your life die unexpectedly?
Yes, I have.  He was my English teacher from eleventh grade, Mr. Najara (I have no idea if I’m spelling his name right, it has been so long).  I found out he died through a friend on Facebook about two years after I graduated.  What upset me was that another friend was still in school and knew how important he was to me, but couldn’t be bothered to tell me about it.
I was so upset I called my boyfriend (future husband) at 3 am to tell him, and I was sobbing and could barely breathe.
Mr. Najara was just one of those crazy people who can keep you motivated.  His projects for the class were interesting and he would always tell us the corniest jokes and would always talk about how much spending time with his family meant.  It made him endearing and I was so excited to see him at graduation that he is the only teacher I hugged.
I still have papers of mine he graded, just because of the comments he wrote on them.  And I still miss him and wish I had kept in touch with him when I had the chance.
Until tomorrow…


With the elections coming up, what is the most disturbing thing you’ve ever seen from a politician? 
This is a hard one because there have been many disturbing things that have come out about politicians.  Some are stupid (Crystal Ball’s “nose” from a Christmas party or Mike Mullin’s beer pong photo (I really wished I lived in Newport News so I could vote against his opponent, just for putting that out there, since it has nothing to do with anything she claims in the add), some are just wow, I can’t believe you can reach this level of stupid (look at Trump’s Twitter (actually don’t, the media has that one covered for you), or Howard Dean’s infamous scream).
The most disturbing to me though, came through fact checking an ad against Mark Herring.  Article from the Associated Press talks about how the Department of Justice showed how Herring and his staff could get around their rules to reallocate money.  Here is the link, in case you are interested:
So, you can probably safely assume Mr. Herring did not get my vote.
Until tomorrow…


Do you work better on a schedule or freelancing your time? 
I work better on a schedule or at least if I have a to-do list.  Otherwise, I end up getting off track and doing stuff that isn’t what I needed to get done.  Sometimes I am just lazy and don’t feel like doing stuff.  This is even more prevalent when my husband is home from being gone for work all week.  I want to spend time with him, not mopping the floors or cleaning the dishes.  Also, as Daylight Savings Time has hit this past weekend, I have yet to get used to it being dark at 5 o’clock. I am not a fan of DST and think we need to get rid of it.  As it is darker and colder (at some point I’m guessing it will start to be colder), I will have less and less desire to get out of bed I’m sure.
Even now, I am writing a NoJoMo entry instead of washing my dishes.  I better get to that.
Until tomorrow…


What do you feel about banned books?
I find them stupid.  It is just another way of brainwashing people into thinking how you want them to think.  Many of them are banned for what I think are dumb reasons.  A few examples:
“The Diary of Anne Frank” banned because she talks about female anatomy.
“To Kill a Mockingbird” banned for racist topics.
I think many of the banned books show ways that people thought in the past, and I believe we need to remember the consequences of thinking in certain ways, or the past will repeat itself.  It’s 2017, and we still have KKK rallies.  Why?  People don’t take the time to understand the history, they are just ready to revolt against anything they don’t agree with.  How does that progress anyone?  It doesn’t.
I can understand how certain language can be very offensive to people, which is the reason many of Mark Twain’s books are banned, but those bans come from the connotations that certain words bring up.  At the same time, I think we need to be aware of this language and its effect on people, because I can guarantee that uses it in modern society will solicit an unpleasant reaction, as it should, no matter what race you are.
Until tomorrow…


How do you feel about the current political climate?
Personally, I think everyone has lost their minds.   Just today there is a story about people who are going to go “scream helplessly at the sky” because it has been a year since Trump won the presidency.  If you have so little to care about that you have the free time to go and do something like that, there’s a problem.  Also, what will that accomplish for you?  Will it make you feel better?  Make you feel like you are making a difference?  You aren’t, you are just making yourself look like an idiot.
I also can’t stand the hypocrisy between the parties.
“You did this”
“Well you did it first”
Hey, you both suck, so can we acknowledge that and then get something done?  I know it is crazy that you are expected to do the job you were elected to do, but if you could, that might serve the country better than your damn bickering.
So yeah, I think the political climate sucks and I think people take it way too personally.
Until tomorrow…


Do you ever feel as though you are the only one with a logical mind? 
Going off of my brief tangent yesterday, in today’s political climate, yes, I do sometimes believe I am the only person in a group that is logical.  This may make me sound conceited, but I don’t care (which probably also makes me sound conceited).  I have seen more relationships end of the current POTUS than I have ever seen over any issue.  It is something I am unable to wrap my head around.
So this person has a different view than you and that makes them both wrong and evil? 
Don’t you dare bring up something from their side, because then you are just making excuses for the person they don’t agree with.  No, I just wan you t you to realize that both sides are incredibly flawed.  One is not better than the other, they both are terrible.  To me it is like being able to choose your own means of execution, and you know they both hurt like hell.
Somewhat of an offside, I am enjoying this so far.  It is a more extensive version of my 5-year Q&A journal (which surprisingly I have been able to keep up with for 4 years).  I originally wanted it to be able to track my progress through earning my bachelor’s degree.  There are some telling questions, but there are other entries when I sit and wonder what was going on that day that I wrote that.
I do think I am a logical person, and I think that infuriates people who are so biased in their thought patterns that they see it as an attack on them.  No, I just want you to think and to question.  That is all I ever want anyone to do is to think and to question, because if you don’t you will never start to understand things outside the world you have created for yourself, and that is a scary, disturbing proposition to me.
Until tomorrow…


Do you ever feel the need to play Devil’s Advocate? 
All the time.  I don’t do it to be controversial or combative (most of the time), but I sincerely believe that people need to understand both viewpoints to any argument.  One thing I absolutely can’t stand is when someone won’t listen to an argument, just because they don’t like a certain group or person.  This abounds during the current administration, because it is Trump and the Republicans, nothing good can be done.  Well I can tell you all of the good the Affordable Care Act has done for me, but it’s a very short list, and I’d be getting off topic.  Maybe that will be another topic for another day.
Playing the Devil’s Advocate for me leads a person to better understand an issue, because it gives an unbiased view and generally provides a complete set of facts.
Until tomorrow…


NoJoMo Day 1
Why am I doing this and how long have I been at it?
I am doing this because I think I need to give certain people in my life a break from my venting.  I know it is getting to a point of being irritating and unlike some people, I am willing to consciously try and change my behavior, because I am trying to become the best version of myself, and I know I need to make changes.
As for how long I have been doing this, about 10 minutes.  I am traditionally someone who likes to write in an actual notebook, but as the years have progressed, my typing speed has gotten faster and I think they are fairly comparable at this point. Also, I have a tendency to keep a different notebook for each writing project I start (and there have been plenty) and it gets hard to keep track.
So, Day 1 is in the books and I will have to figure out what to do for Day 2.
Stay tuned…