In the morning prep jank we get, I saw this blurb…..
They’re gonna re-make Revenge of the Nerds.
Man, they can only screw it up.

Gutter Politics

This Gem provided courtesy the DNC.
Note that the SwiftVets are a group separate from the Republicans and the President’s campaign.
It’s really shameful. And, again, it just goes to show that their candidate has nothing to show for his twenty years in the Senate. He has to focus on Vietnam. It’s the only halfway respectable record he has.

Ed Schrock, representing 757

Found this gem here.
Rep. Ed Schrock lookin’ for some hot man lovin’.
I first saw the threat to “out” a Republican representative about a month ago, I guess. My guess was Eric Cantor. Ed Schrock was somewhere just ahead of Randy Forbes.
It’s not funny…..
……but, yeah it is. hahah.

New Mail Server

So, for the past few months, I’ve been prepping a new mail server for the station. The one that we had been using was really becoming taxed. It was a retired salesperson’s machine, running Debian Woody. When it had fifty pop accounts with no filtering it was fine. Double the number of accounts, add in spamassassin, and make about 30% of those users imap users, and you’ve got a machine that is smokin’.
Last year, we built this dual xeon machine to act as a server for some new billing software. We were kind of a testbed for this software, and, well, it sucked. So, they went back to the old stuff, and I had this free big baller machine. For a time, it served as a streaming audio host. Then it served as a fileserver for a time.
I decided to make it into the new mail server. At 757 Tech, I’d set up a virtual hosting mail server using qmail, vpopmail, etc. It works pretty well, and it’s got some nice features as far as web administration. Best of all, you don’t need an account on the machine for each address. Stlll, it was a pain in the ass to set up, and it’s difficult to maintain. I’d also done the conversion of from sendmail to postfix.
I had pretty much decided that I wanted to use either qmail or postfix for the new machine, as they’re more secure than a gigantic setuid binary. Qmail, of course, has the djb-induced weirdness that comes along with qmail, but it doesn’t bother me that much. It is, however, a bitch to setup, especially if you want it to do more than just deliver mail.
I fiddled around with qmail and some of the virus/spam tools that ride atop it….qscanq, qmailscanner, etc. Never could get it working the way I’d like, and they eat an extraordinary amount of resources. Postfix was a bit easier to setup. Again, just setting it up to do unix mail is easy. Combining it with SpamAssassin, and ClamAV, well, that’s a different story. It seems that most people use either MailScanner or Amavis. I tried both, and was thoroughly unimpressed.
In the meantime, I’d setup exim4 on freebsd for my home machine. Bascially all the MTA on that machine does is deliver mail locally, and forward outbound mail to Cox’s smtp server. But I was impressed with how simple it was to set up from ports, and so I started looking more closely at it. Lo and behold, there’s this exiscan patch that does virus and spam scanning from within Exim without a nasty perl script. Better yet, it doesn’t use the helper programs (clamdscan and spamc), rather, it interfaces with the daemons directly.
So, I settled on doing that. It rocks! Had some trouble doing the conversion, mainly with accounts that had been set up on the old machine between the time I duplicated the accounts, and the time I did the switchover. I wrote a script to call mb2md for each user to convert the old mail spools to maildir.
Only glitch I ran into really was a problem unrelated to the MTA. For some reason, the box gets caught in the D state with quotas enabled on the home directory. I disabled the quotas, and everything is working fine. I’ve got like 140GB for the users homes, so I don’t anticipate a problem anytime soon. The tarball moving the mail from the old machine was 2GB.
Still ironing out the minor glitches, but it seems to be sending and receivng mail as it should, blocking worms, etc. etc.

OMG Comfort

So, I’m back in suburban Poquoson for the first time in about two months. I just kind of fell into my bed and it’s like…..ahhhhhhhhhhhh.
Why am I here? A few reasons…..
1. I forgot a cable I need later on today when I’m going to be working on the new mail server at work (FreeBSD+Exim4+Exiscan+ClamAV+SpamAssassin, y’all).
2. Dogs. Beauregard tried to block my path to the door when I left last night.
3. This fucking mouse who’s decided he wants to live with me. I suppose I should relate the saga…..
It must have been Monday. I was having trouble sleeping, so I was messing around in the living room. I put my glasses and my watch inside my cap, and put the cap on the bar separating the kitchen and the living room. Went, and sat back down on the couch. A bit later, I heard something in that general area. I see something run around, down the hall, and into the bathroom. I explored the bathroom pretty thoroughly, and didn’t see anything. I looked around to see if I could see any mouse turds or anything, and didn’t see anything. Went to work Monday Night, and everything was fine.
Tuesday morning, came home, no sign of mouse. So I’m thinking that perhaps in my alcohol-induced state, I was hallucinating. Went to sleep, and slept fine…didn’t hear anything all day. Got up, started getting ready for work, sitting on the can…..and the little fucker shoots out from underneath the sink and out the door. He ran under the washer this time. So, I finished up and went to work.
On the way home, I stopped at Wal-Mart, and bought a mouse disposal kit. Included were pellets, two mechanical traps, and two glue traps. I set out a mechanical trap in the general area where I’d seen the little bastard the most, with some of the pellets on the foot. Again, during the day, nothing. So, I went to work.
When I got home, the trap hadn’t tripped, but all the pellets were gone. Now I’m thinking, “shit, fucker is going to up and die inside the wall.” I reloaded the trap and went to bed. While I was sleeping yesterday, I kept hearing sounds coming from near the window in the bedroom. When I got up, I showered, and as I’m getting dressed, I see the fucker scamper behind a comforter that’s stowed in the corner of the room. Behind the comforter is a hole that Drew cut while he was running CAT-5 through the place. Now, it’s on bitch. Before I left for the peninsula, I set a glue trap up underneath the hole. The hole is a good three inches up the wall from the baseboard, so if it’s coming out there, there’s really no way it can avoid the trap underneath.
When I got back, the trap was moved a good foot away, and, of course, no mouse inside said trap. So I spackled the hole. I knew he was inside the wall. Went into the computer room, and started messing around. After a few hours, I hear things behind the wall……hmmmph. Okay, maybe I’ve trapped him and he’s looking for a way out. He found a way out — where the CAT-5 exits in the closet. I had the broom with me, and when the little fucker got sight of me, he ran back into the closet and into the hole.
I stuck the glue trap under there, and came home. We shall see who wins this one.
I do have a few questions about it though…..where the fuck did he get in, and how the hell can I get rid of him.