24. It’s the weekend; what are your plans?

Well, tonight, my wife and I are going to Doumar’s. http://www.doumars.com

Barbecue, Cherry Coke, and ice cream. I totally want those. I guess it’s also “National Hot Dog Day,” so I might have one of those there.

Otherwise, it’ll be pretty much the same as things have been since I’ve been in this situation. Resting, running whatever errands I must, and preparing for another week in lockup. I need a haircut.

But, really, it’s about spending time with my wife. I’m relaxed. I sleep better when she’s there.

Who knows what next weekend might be, as I’ll have just had my first Tysabri infusion.

For this, I still need to find writing prompts. I’m tempted to recycle some from NoJoMos of the past, but that seems like a bit of a cop-out.

Maybe inspiration will strike.

Still, the act of writing is important to me. It’s also about getting on a schedule with something other than dragging myself into work……


.23. Nobody liked you, but write a bit about you, when you were 23.

Me at 23?


Well, things in the world were really upside down after September 11th.
I was still in radio, even though I’d finished college, and should have been digging hard to get into law school.

But, after undergrad school, I was tired.

I’d been going balls-to-the-wall for at least four years, living in a state of perpetual jetlag. I wanted to break free, but I was stuck.

I was also broke. I paid more in Federal Income Tax for 2009 than I grossed in 2002 or 2003. Note that i said, “Federal Income Tax.” That’s not “payroll taxes,” Democrats. That’s actual evil rich guy income tax.

I was also lonely. Living in the middle of the night a lot of the time helped add to the isolation. I had no idea that I’d meet someone who’d make me happy, and I was really starting to get to the point of giving up on it.

The summer I turned 23, and the fall after, I think I spent a lot of my nights off fishing.

In a lot of ways, though, it seems like a completely different life. I was a different person.


  1. Why isn’t this Pi day in Europe? What other stupid Internet celebrations do you fail to understand?

I don’t know, and I’m trying to remember my acquaintance who got really upset about my contention that July 22nd is Pi Day.

Wikipedia says that 7/22 is also Pi Day, and that’s on the Internet, so it must be true.

There’s a day for everything, except, maybe, Tony Romo’s Super Bowl victory parade…..

I fell asleep right after I got back to my home-awwy-from-home last night, and ended up sleeping way too long. As a result, I’ve woken up way early this morning.

It happens.

Work is plodding along; I think I just need to trust my instincts a bit more as I go along. I don’t have a lot of productive work years left. If I’m going to be spending them for somebody else, it needs to be the right situation.

This isn’t it.


  1. What’s your biggest worry rightt now?

Single-biggest? This: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Progressive_multifocal_leukoencephalopathy

Do I have some other concerns? Sure, but none is as fatal.

I’m trying to do the right things in many of my places in life, but the PML still hovers.

I had a laundry list of things to gripe about, but I kind of wrote the prompt narrowly. That happens. Admit it, and move forward.

I was absolutely spent when I left work this afternoon. Unfortunately, this is too often the case. Fingers crossed to find a successful departure sooner rather than later.

Steamy Summer Stops

Since I’m bored, I’m going to do NoJoMo early this year. July 21 – August 20. I really want to get back into the swing of writing, and I figured this might be a way to do it.

My initial thought was to do a calendar month, but I want to get started, and August has some painful parts.

so I need to setup a new book, but that’ll have to wait until I have a better browser.


so, with that, I need prompts. For all 31 days in August. Readers’ inputs will be strongly considered for inclusion; I’m not that innovative.

twenty-one. What’s your biggest worry rightt now?
twenty-two. Why isn’t this Pi day in Europe? What other stupid Internet celebrations do you fail to understand?
twenty-three. Nobody liked you, but write a bit about you, when you were 23.
twenty-four. It’s the weekend; what are your plans?
twenty-five. Five months until Christmas. Have you started shopping? What do you think it might be like this year?
twenty-six. Describe your work situation. Are you happy with it? Will it change soon?
twenty-seven. Write about a really expensive restaurant bill you’ve had. Where was it? How many people were in the party? What was really good? What was not-so-good? Do you at all regret it?
twenty-eight. Do you have anything you feel like you’ve missed out on this summer? If so, can you still fit it in?
twenty-nine. What’s something you used to do often, but have gotten away from, and really miss?
thirty. What has you on edge?
thirty-one. Medical procedures. Tell me of them.

And I need some more….

1. It’s always kind of odd when a month starts on the last day of the week. That aside, what are you doing this weekend? What would you rather be doing?
2. 8-2. What do you remember from 1982?


.31. Medical procedures. Tell me of them

This prompt I wrote knowing what I’d be doing today. Accordingly, I started writing this from a bed in the infusion center at Norfolk General Hospital.

I’m getting Tysabri this afternoon.

Considering the part of the procedure that would give me the most issue is over, so far this isn’t ranking among the worst.

I’m squeamish. I admit that. I’m getting better, however. I think.

So, with that…..medical procedures.

I’ve never been under general anesthesia. I’m thankful about that.

I’ve had some major dental stuff done. I’ve been in the MRI tube enough that iron sticks all the time.

Like so many things, though, I get told to man up.

But the drug is flowing. And I’m bored. Pfft.

Admit You’re Wrong

“Oh no, not yet.”

Background music here. (Along with the coolest CGI 1993 had to offer, and a depressingly-sad song set to colossal synth orchastra hits that prevent you from noticing first few listens…. I like that kind of thing.)

But back to the message. Everybody makes mistakes. We’re human. If Lovie Smith is the coach he’s purported to be, he’s telling himself that today, after last night. The key is learning to recognize when what you’re doing isn’t working, and to change things up.

Sticking to the football references, this is somewhere where Al Davis didn’t “get it.” Maybe speed, and throwing downfieldd all the time worked in 1983; it doesn’t work anymore. The coaching staff who got you to your last Super Bowl was boring “West Coast Offense,” and Rich Gannon. You didn’t win fast enough, and you got JaMarcus Russell.

So much of what I see being done in my career field is looking for JaMarcus. Hey, this worked in 2003, it should work in 2014. Cluestick — it doesn’t. In fact, trying to recreate it is foolish in light of what’s happened technologically.

So, what I’m trying to do is do honest analysis, and choose the best solution(s) for the current situation. Maybe they’re not textbook. Maybe they don’t lend themselves to an expensive multiple-choice test. Still, I am confident that ultimately, I can help someone make the correct decision based on the situation.

I’m writing this just before I attend Start Norfolk, so that’s affecting my thought patterns quite a bit. My current work position is also a bit akin to being a Tackle in an Art Shell Air Coryell offense. *sigh*