I really can’t get motivated to write one of my prompts, so today is free write.
Made some progress yesterday in the employment hunt.  Today’s nearly $700 after-tax payment for health insurance shows why companies are so bent on doing the contract-to-hire bit.
This one recruiter I spoke with yesterday was unwilling to tell me the work location of a job, or the company unless he could call me on FaceTime.  I only got one of the answers before I realized that I wasn’t interested (because the job was in BFE Virginia Beach, and they were firm that there’d be no wiggle room on the C2H time).  I don’t remember which company it was;  the unwillingness to work on the C2H bit made it unworkable.
I still have so many irons in the fire, I’m losing track, honestly.
It’s incredible how little focus I have today.  Coffee time?
My coffee consumption seems to be a bit like when it’s good to eat oysters;  months with an “r.”
If I was going to a Waffle House to watch the eclipse, it might be a different story.