Edit 10/31: Finishing up. If someone has a suggestion better than one I have, I’m still open…..
Edit 10/27: Added some. Still need more.

Sunday is All Saints’ Day, which means November is here….

I’ve been really bad about snarfing things for prompts. (I prefer to do my own, because it, like, makes me seem more into it, or whatever, you know? O.o)

Honestly, the reason is I’ve been feverishly looking for new employment, and making a bit of an attempt not to get fired from my current shitty gig.

With that, onto the prompts as I have them for the moment….

  1. Who is your patron saint? If you are not a member of the global Papist conspiracy, explain a bit about what you know about Sainthood. (And the awesome Tegan and Sara album is totally acceptable, here.)
  2. It’s the first Monday of the month. Please rank the level of sucktitude on a scale of 1 to 100, then describe your plans for the day.
  3. It’s okay when it’s in a three-way. Even with a honey in the middle, there’s no leeway. But what, if anything, do you buy in threes? Do you believe in the celebrity death trifecta?
  4. I have four relatives’ birthdays in the next five days. I’m blaming Valentine’s Day. Do you have any relatives with birthdays in early November? Write a bit about each of them.
  5. Write about your siblings. How many do you have? What’s the age difference between you and them? Tell a bit about where they live, and what they do.
  6. What are your plans for this weekend?
  7. Name something you used to have a problem with, but are kind of okay with now. (This was one I’d saved from a 2013 prompt, but have modified slightly…)
  8. Write a bit about what you do on a “normal” day. Where are you? What are you doing? Are you satisfied with the situation?
  9. Where do you think you’ll be this time next year?
  10. What are some qualities of bad bosses? What woudl you not do if you were supervising others? (No, I won’t aks for you to make your worst bosses, but you can write about why they sucked.)
  11. Libations. Do you partake? What has been in your glass recently?
  12. I’m trying to remember something about a real dozen. What was I like at age twelve? (Other than obese….) So, this may end up being a bit of free writing unless someone brings me a dozen cupcakes.
  13. It’s Friday the Thirteenth. What superstitions do you have?
  14. Does anything have you excited for next year?
  15. Halftime. When was/will be the halftime fo your life?
  16. Write a bit about your drivers’ licence. How old were you, where did you get it? What kind of car did you drive?
  17. Name a famous person to whom you are attacted, who is completely different from you “type.”
  18. What is your favorite holiday, and why?
  19. What opportuntities that you’ve passed up do you regret passing?
  20. Talk about your professors/teachers. What things they taught you have stuck with you?
  21. How about a list of things that’ve statisfied you this year, and a corresponding list of disappointments.
  22. Day of historical significance for “US Americans.” Do you know why? Were you alive? (I’m skeptical…) What do you remember? (Bonus on this one for readers from Soviet Canuckistan….)
  23. Write about being 23. Other than the fact that nobody liked you, write a bit about being 23. What were you doing? Where you were living? Relationship/who were you doing?
  24. It’s the final Tuesday of the month. Do you care?
  25. Thanksgiving is tomorrow in the US. Are you travelling? With whom will you eat? If you live somewhere where they celebrated last month, describe what you did. glares North If you live somewhere where they don’t celebrate, describe what you did on the most recent holdiay where friends/family/loved ones gather.
  26. The team that traditionally has had Thanksgiving football is the Lions. Write about Detroit. Have you been there? Would you want to go back? Do you know anyone who is from there, originally? Would you want to live there, yourself?
  27. What places hold particular allure for you; where might you like to live?
  28. Thanksgiving leftovers. How much? What did you do with them?
  29. What are you most proud of this year?
  30. Today is the last