Oh, what a crappy two days!

So, Friday was the company “team-building” exercise. This year’s fun? Charter fishing out of Hatteras.

Popped off of work around 1:15 Thursday afternoon, picked up my boss at his house in the Jeep, which I’d spent about an hour cleaning out the day before so it didn’t smell like an ashtray, and head to Rodanthe (where the beach house was).

On the way, my boss asked me to stop by an ABC store to pick up a bottle of rum for Hurricanes. I figured there’d be about fifteen people there, so a 1.75L bottle wouldn’t be too much (and might not even be enough).

Got down with relative ease, and others started showing up.

Then the drinking began.

Big bottle of Jack. Big bottle of Virginia Gentleman. Hurricanes. Bacardi Limon. Jameson’s.

I had a few shots to act like I was playing along, and nursed some Jameson’s on ice for effect.

My boss, on the other hand, got completely shitfaced. I did make a deal with him, though. Since the other four people in my office don’t do shit, and I do their work, he should fire them and give me their salaries. He okay’d it. 🙂

Anyway, we had to get up early on Friday, so people started retiring early, like 9:30. I finally rolled into the room I was sharing with bossman around 10:15, after I got off the phone with the girl. 🙂 I sent her one last text message, wandered out to the pool room outside the door, bitched at people to keep it down, and finally laid down. After five minutes of trying fitfully to sleep, I hear my boss rustling. Then I hear a gag……and power puke.


I just kind of rolled out of bed, out of the room, and shut the door behind me.

Talked to the guys playing pool until they quit, then tried to sleep on a love seat in that room. Grabbed maybe 45 minutes of sleep, until someone came through to use the bathroom and woke me up. My legs were starting to cramp up, too, and now the odor was starting to waft out from the bedroom…..

I retreated to the Jeep, and slept there for about a grand total of an hour and fifteen minutes. At least it was quiet, and didn’t smell like vomit.

Departure time for Hatteras was 0430. And, of course, boss was riding with me, again. Before we got out of the driveway, I had to pull over for him to power puke again. Managed to spray the inside of the door, too! Thanks, boss!

Luckily, he didn’t puke any more on the way down to the boat.

Got on the boat, and as soon as we got out of the inlet, things started getting rough. Boss starts scarfing down a bunch of fruit he’d bought. Yeah, good idea. Less than an hour out, he’s hanging over the side…..which he did several times throughout the day.

I got seasick, too, but didn’t alternate my time between sleeping in the cabin, and hanging over the side like he did. I only barfed twice, as opposed to like eight times.

Caught some fish, brought home lots of meat. Got to fight with a white marlin for awhile.

Dropped boss off, hosed off the door better, and headed home. Lit a cigarette to mask the pukey smell in the Jeep. Home, shower, fish to freezer, then over to girl’s to help her with whatever emotional crisis she’d gotten into at work (she forgot to tell someone that somebody had called, and got bitched out, etc. etc.). Finally got some solid food again, as she wanted Wendy’s. Choked down some chicken nuggets and was okay.

Yeah, that all pretty much sucked. I need a fucking raise.