Anyone else notice the trend online publishers are taking now where there’s only about 100 words per page, and you have to click “next” repeatedly to get the rest of the fscking article?
Of course it’s solely so you’ll view more ads.
Maybe I will look into one of those adzapper things after all.

College People

Check out this syllabus.
One of my faves, Dr. Mike S. Adams (hint to current CNU peeps….get him to speak on campus!), wrote a column about her a few weeks back. I stumbled across that syllabus after reading something else that linked into her department.
You just can’t make this stuff up, really.

XNU is not Unix

How I missed this, I don’t know. The results are pretty cool, and show why NeXTstep and OSX are not Unix, and just how vital Mach is to the whole operation.
What confuses me, and what I might want to try, is he says the flaw goes back to NeXTstep, but the effects should be different on NeXTstep. Why? 1. NeXTstep doesn’t have IOKit to play around with (all of the drivers are native Mach drivers), and the BSD task runs in userland, not in the same address space as Mach. Thinking about it, it would probably make the system unresponsive, though I don’t think it would cause a true kernel panic. (Obviously, since the filesystem layer in NeXTstep resides within the BSD layer for FFS, when BSD crashes, you’ve got no filesystems to play with. It also makes disk operations on NeXT ass slow.)
Public entry on LJ for obvious reasons…..