Saturday, again

But it’s not the morning, at least.

I didn’t work yesterday to avoid earning a bunch more paid time off. I need to take some time, but I’m not sure when that’ll happen.

Still kind of on edge about job security.

Perhaps I should be more pensive about that, but I can’t bring myself to be really worried about it. I’m still relaxed with the situation in which I find myself with private disability insurance.

At the same time, I do find myself in demand, professionally. Just a question about whether I can do the things that appear on my resume anymore. The fleet of foreign recruiters, however, don’t really understand that. Or that I’m not interested in moving to a different state.

In the past two days, I’ve gotten north of twenty recruiters trying to get me to Austin, Texas.

First, I don’t want to go.

Second, my wife doesn’t want to go.

Third, I’m worried about my ability to get around there. Flashback to Milton waiting on the bench for the bus from Office Space.

Thirteen were from recruiters from the same company. I’m not going to link them, but the temptation is very much there.

Other stuff….

  1. Abortion. I’m tracking the rich white folks marching through DC about the leakedstoen draft (Use the sort of language used about the Hunter Biden laptop…), and finding myself torn on it. I am torn on the issue. As an errant part of the Paist Conspiracy, I am opposed to both abortion and capital punishment. But I really don’t think the government has a role in what, ultimately, should effect one universal policy. I brought up to Elizabeth Nolan Brown over twitter in reaction to her Reason column on it. I don’t think anyone would argue that buying, and consuming alcohol is a protected right in the US. Here in the Beltway Swamp, there’s four separate regulatory frameworks for buying liquor. Where I live, in Virginia, I have to buy all of my distilled liquor from the Commonwealth of Virginia. I can get it delivered directly to me, but it’s a strange process. It also takes a few days. Going across the bridge named after the most racist President in US history, into Prince George’s County, Maryland, you can buy from a private store. I don’t know what the delivery there is. If you take US 50 back into the District, you can buy at all sorts of private stores, and get it delivered by Drizly. Go further east into Montgomery County, Maryland, and you have to buy pretty much all of your alcohol from Montgomery County-owned stores. I’m not planning to ever buy liquor from a MoCo store. I’m also not planning to live in MoCo, probably ever. Difference among places isn’t an issue. There doesn’t need to be a single standard for the entire country. Even the blessed European Union has countries with different standards across national borders. Abortion is pretty much illegal in Poland. Does that affect someone who lives in France? No. The law that the Supreme Court is set to rule on is a law in Mississippi that doesn’t outlaw abortion. But it does limit it to the first fifteen weeks of pregnancy. Which is less restrictive than the Stupid Flandsers in Belgium (where it’s fourteen weeks). Why does there need to be a single standard in the US? I don’t understand it. Do I really care that you can’t pump your own gasoline in New Jersey? No. No, I don’t. I just won’t buy gas in New Jersey. If you want an abortion, you can go somewhere else. You’re not stuck in one place. This goes into something that was a reading recommendation from one of my doctors. The book was interesting, but the epilogue/conclusion was something that was despairing about climate change, the Trump Administration, and Bolsonaro. No. In pretty much any situation, you can leave, if the situation is too much for you to take. Want to have someone get an abortion? Pay for her train ticket to New York. It’s not that tough.
  2. Happy that The Fifth Column has successfully away from that other funding source. I can subscribe, now, without reservation. The reason I wouldn’t use the previous support platform is what they did to someone who I find loathsome. No, it’s not okay to just take money intended for someone. I’m sorry if that negatively affects some others who I’d like to support. I’m also happily supporting other things on Locals. Choice isn’t a bad thing.
  3. Listening to TFC, however, is tempering the takes on news. Still marveling at how wrong the NeoHippies have been when it comes to everything surrounding what’s happening with the Russians. It’s bang-your-head-on-the-desk stupid. Just because someone in the “corporate press” is reporting something doesn’t mean it’s wrong. For a few from the “underground,” Russia is probably losing. But, no, I should pay more attention to the people who said that there wasn’t going to be an invasion. Got it. GFY

I think I’m going to stop there, and go watch football.