Continuing On The Theme

Per last entry, I’m seriously limiting Facebook access.

Im happier for it. I did end up checking in yesterday, because I was concerned about my oldest friend’s family. No news, but I did see that I had a message.


Fuck Zuckerberg, his content moderation, and data mining.

I did watch The Social Dilemma.last weekend/early this week.

You can leave. To quote a former company slogan, “Just Do It.”

And I’ve gotten disrupted by the news of Ron Paul’s live steam stroke.

But it leads me back to what I was about to say about the cesspool that is Facebook.

Yes, I plan to revisit more frequently after the election.

And I will be “unfriending” people liberally.

If you’re not offering anything other than annoyance, I don’t have time for you, and I will eliminate you from my experience.

Time To Go Away On Holiday

Background music is this. (You’ll need to click the link because I’m consciously avoiding the totes-didn’t-used-to-do-evil company and its video site…)

I was messing around in the sewer that is Facebook more lately. This was largely in order to get my fantasy league up and running, but that’s finished, so why stay? I will miss looking at some of my favorite podcasts’ private groups. “Blue-pilled” friends’ posts about the various conspiracy theories too nutty to even make CNN, on the other hand.

The place is a wasteland, and I’m going away again.

Maybe I peek in periodically, but probably not.

I plan to write here in November, perhaps despairing about whichever of the two major parties’ candidates garners a sufficient plurality to be president. (And if it’s not the guy from his basement in Delaware, the posts about how by voting for someone other than him, I’m voting for Trump…)

If I miss out on something you think is very important, my cell number has been the same since 1999. My email address is still


Karen Taught Me In Sixth Grade

I do wonder sometimes how Ms. M., and her “roommate” are doing

(Yes, it’s pretty clear in retrospect that they were lesbians, but that doesn’t matter in the least, now does it?)

But she wouldn’t have been happy about people not wearing masks.

The materialistic nature of so many things lately has me a bit dismayed.

One of the things that’s crossed my mind lately, and I’ve seen it reinforced in some of the things I regularly consume, is that the war on “assault weapons” is the new War On Drugs.

I was living in Suburban DC when Marion Barry got busted for smoking crack in a hotel room.

Given what I was taught in the mandatory DARE classes, I wondered then, as I still wonder now, how did he not die? I mean, if you smoked crack ,you died. Look at Len Bias. Crack. Perhaps the first time, and he died.

Debates on Twitter after seeing this from Ron Bailey over at Reason.

Now that weed’s been “decriminalized” throughout much of the country, we need to find something for the police state assembled to fight it to do. Guns!!1! Those are scary, right? And the ratings spike on MSNBC every time there’s a school shooting!

I get it, Chuck, it’s dangerous, that I don’t trust you and your outfit, exclusively.

On a related note, two things I noticed from “alternate” media.

I need to go watch the Vice bit about the Antifa fucker who died while the police were trying to arrest him. I know, I know, Jerry Nadler says Antifa violence is a myth, but people are really dying because of this.

There is organization going on. People are coordinating to make sure it happens. The question is whether the truth will ever come out about it.

Or, maybe, it’d be easier to pass off things as discredited stories about foreign connections, as “debunked conspiracy theories.”

Were the fine censorial folks at CrowdStrike helping tailor a narrative to prevent even the sympathetic corporate media from looking in to things that’d make the resurrected, and blessed duopoly candidate look better? I don’t know. Does it matter? To the average MSNBC viewer, not in the least.

But when you see things like this, if you don’t take a moment’s pause, that’s your issue.