Time To Go Away On Holiday

Background music is this. (You’ll need to click the link because I’m consciously avoiding the totes-didn’t-used-to-do-evil company and its video site…)

I was messing around in the sewer that is Facebook more lately. This was largely in order to get my fantasy league up and running, but that’s finished, so why stay? I will miss looking at some of my favorite podcasts’ private groups. “Blue-pilled” friends’ posts about the various conspiracy theories too nutty to even make CNN, on the other hand.

The place is a wasteland, and I’m going away again.

Maybe I peek in periodically, but probably not.

I plan to write here in November, perhaps despairing about whichever of the two major parties’ candidates garners a sufficient plurality to be president. (And if it’s not the guy from his basement in Delaware, the posts about how by voting for someone other than him, I’m voting for Trump…)

If I miss out on something you think is very important, my cell number has been the same since 1999. My email address is still sean@757.org.