November again

Well, in some parts of the world already, at least.

Am I going to write again? Yep. Have I finished my prompts? Pretty much. Am I open to more suggestions for the blanks? Always.

What I have so far:

 1.  Start
 3.  Reader suggestion
 4.  Strange Habits
 5.  What job would you never take? (Flashback to 2013)
 6.  Free-Write
 7.  Bucket List (Flashback to 2013, again)
 8.  Birthday wrap-ups
 9.  Travel Recap
10.  Free Write
11.  Veterans Day
12.  Reason Office Visit
13.  Disappointed (Flashback to 2013)
15.  Walt Book Signing Review
16.  Halfway
17.  Uniqueness (Flashback to 2013)
18.  Terror and Risk (Flashback to 2012)
20.  Free Write
21.  Thanksgiving Plans
22.  60-years since JFK
24.  Thanksgiving recap
25.  Small Business Saturday
26.  Liz Phair Review
27.  Christmas Plans
30.  Wrap-up

Is it excitement? Um. Maybe my head’s just swimming too much?

But Happy Halloween.

Last Saturday

Today’s the last Saturday in October. It’s almost eighty degrees here on the lily pad inside the Beltway Swamp.

Whatever. Weather. Watching the Bills-Bucs game they were running nearly 70 degrees at something like 8 p.m., and it might snow some Monday night. Erie is still nearly 60 degrees.

The chemistry on this isn’t terribly difficult. One of the pods I’ve been pushing away from over the whole Israel thing is starting off with a rant about how graduating college isn’t that difficult.


Yeah, don’t need that.

And my wife walks in, shoulder surfs, and expresses her discontent that October is almost finished.

But the calendar is filling up for November. Still not sure what’s going on for Thanksgiving.

But playing along with my You Can Leave mantra, I find it interesting the things I’m really digging back in to. The Fifth Column, Reason, Cato, and so on.

Let’s go.

When I get on the plane for my trip, I’m going to leave. What can i turn off?


Writing today, after forgetting to do it on Saturday, and being “off” today.

There’s a lot more I could say about my grievances about the whole situation. Saying that I’m a bit of a disgruntled employee would be the definition of an understatement.

But I got through my tasks that took half of Saturday, and a good portion of today finishing up the initials brigade with work.

The incredible amount of work I’ve been doing has definitely distracted me from paying my protection racket to the professional organization.

There’s time. I will finish it by the end of the year, though I’m not sure if it’ll be before Thanksgiving, as I’d planned.

Oh well.

Preparing, too, for everything that’s coming up in November. Travel. Visit to the new Reason office in DC. Walt Hickey’s book signing. Thanksgiving. The Exile In Guyville show. (Aside: I am stupidly-excited about this? She has a bunch of visual art stuff entwinned, that I’m sure I’ll miss, but I’m still very excited…)

When can I relax? Can I relax?

Watching the Saints’ game last night certainly didn’t help for most of the game. That they blew it at the end feels oddly fitting.

Jim Mora’s USFL All-Stars probably couldn’t have messed it up that bad.

And I got invited to a work meeting in fifteen minutes. Damnitsomuch.

And I misread that.

Added to the team. But I really need to get work stuff off my personal devices. I am off work. I shouldn’t even be glancing, or getting notifications.

There’s only 10 types of people in the world

Those that understand binaries, and those that don’t.

Rest In Peace, ThinkGeek.

The whole thing with what’s been happening in Israel is yet another example of where the NeoHippie crowd who’ve been right about everything all the time, were absolutely fucking wrong.

It’s been interesting watching on TwitterX how the “blowback” crowd, the RON PAUL(pbuh) crowd, went completely silent yesterday, Sunday, after more about what Hamas did came out.

They’ve done a somewhat-effective job explaining that the major parties’ push of there only being two options being untrue. There are many options. Then they go and get behind quite possibly the worst one in the world.


I’m making a quick list of things to leave behind. Just leaving is kind of what I do.

Into Year Fourteen

On this day in 2010, we went to Norfolk Circuit Court and got married. From OD at the time…

For Better or For Worse absolutely was a correct part of the vows.

I don’t recall a ton about the day, specifically. Running around to various government building..SSA, probably DMV, then we went to Chik-Fil-A to pick up lunch.

We’re now hours away, but it really seems like another life, altogether.

But I’d do it all again.