Bob Your Head

Saw Joe Trippi posted this on Twitter..

I find a few things incredible about it.

  1. While calling for innovation, his preferred politicians do their best to stymie any sort of innovation when it affects contributors, and;
  2. The politicians they do elect, who enacted new regulations, and selectively enforced others, actively work to reinforce teh bad practice(s)  the innovators are working to replace.


Invented a new way for people to get from place to place without using the overpriced taxi services? Sweet! Please vote for us! Nevermind that we’ll just go shut it down after the election, saying that you’re not complying with some regulation we chose not to enforce before.

Found a new way to do business? Yeah, about that. Because you didn’t pay proper protection, I mean, get the proper paper certifications, you can’t work.

Oh, and by the way, you know those laws that say people have a right to work? Our friend Marvin is going to run a secret poll of your workers to see if they want union representation.

It’s disgusting.

To The Cloud

Not long ago, I tweeted this:


What was it in reference to? What I’m trying to do with ITS757. There’s two principles I have yet to see a compelling rebuttal:

  • You can do most things cheaper in-house, and;
  • You can hope to compete with the big guys’ reliability and security

Who’s this bad news for? Those who’ve invested a lot of time playing Minesweeper getting vendor and security certifications.

For my stuff, I chose to go with the totes-not-evil big G. Maybe there was someone else I could have chosen, but I have experience, a discomfort level with their stuff.

Could I have made pretty graphs about it? Sure. Could I have done weeks’-long analysis? Absolutely. Would I recommend a customer have me do that? You bet.

Things that keep me awake

I’ve been thinking the past couple of days about this concept of “creating customer value.” It’s a big thing in the study prep for many of the minesweeper contestes.

Still, the definition seems arbitrary, without quantification. This is even more true when “experts” spend scant time determining utility.

The solution creates customer value simple because it is awesome, and I, being awesome, created it.