That’s What You Get

Last few days has been spent watching the fallout from the Libertarian Party’s epic rally next weekend in DC. The new chairwoman, who I sort of supported heading into the LP convention last summer has, and continues, to oversee the entire party drifting past the point of embarrassing its members to embarrassing everyone who’s ever associated with them.

But one of the featured speakers, who’s since bowed out, is a dude who was trying to pick up young teenage girls on Yahoo Messenger. LMGTFY isn’t working anymore, but considering how old the story is, I’ll link the BBC story directly.

What can you do?

You can leave.

I try to stop paying attention, but things drift across my attention from time to time, and I dig in more.

One of the people I’ve been paying attention to lately is Kyle Orton. No, not the former NFL Quarterback, and inspiration for my college friend’s fantasy team name, “Orton hears a boo.”

More information about the Russian Orthodox church.

Have a bunch of confused people been convinced by former-KGB into joining a religion that’s really there to serve whatever oligarch is running Russia?

I don’t know.

But it’s a disturbing thought.