Stuck In A Moment

Yeah, it’s a reference to an odd U2 song. I dunno.

This is where the NeoHippies are, and always will be. (I understand that it doesn’t really fit perfectly, but I’m so finished with the Again. And more.)

That really is a callback to my days in radio, where I’d rip probably three faxes per day peddling various apologetics.

I felt much the same way about the obsessive Chomsky quoters on Orkut.

But the latest part is the “takeover.” Instead of creaking fax machines, the new delivery source is Twitter.

While I gave them some credence as I’ve been bumping through various Libertarian podcasts, and seeing them treated favorably on Kennedy, the miss on the Russian invasion of Ukraine really soured me.

Now what they’re worried about, first and foremost, is keeping the US out of a nuclear war. See the clip in the first line. Things that have happened really are irrelevant. Pay attention to this one article Harry Browne wrote in 2001. Pay attention to some of the icky things the US was involved with in South America in the 1970s and 1980s. Pay attention to the Iranian coup in 1953. (Which, yes, the early CIA helped with, but was primarily a British operation….Hitchens wrote about this after the Michael Moore trope was released in 2004.)

Hear what you want to hear, and disregard the rest…..

See? I did have Boomer professors….

(And that particular Boomer professor had actually been a counterpart of my dad’s in the Army…I’ve wondered what happened to him, but my web search skills fail….he’s got a very common first name, and a surname that’s shared with another university nearby….)

The similar thoughts that came into my head watching the debate in NYC, that the clapping section, who now define what Libertarianism is, thought one person won. See here.

What do I do if they succeed? Well, I take my own advice.

Speaking of podcasts, the most notable one I heard this week was this.

I miss the Free Beacon podcast. It was one of the things that seemed to die with the COVID lockdowns.

I could probably plunk away for hours, but I understand that basically nobody will read this. Whatever.

Sunday Sunday Sunday

I love how modern browser thingie complains that I repeat words.

Maybe I typed it on purpose, okay?

I worked some yesterday. It’s kind of make-up for basically not working Friday. I almost got distracted, there, too, but I resisted. One of the things I’m a bit concerned about crossed my mind.

Things are changing whether or not people push back on that change.

I’m not particularly wedded to any way of working. No, this doesn’t make me a bad employee, person, whatever.

I understand, of course, the push towards longevity, naturally. The place where this is hosted I’m working on a replacement for.

The blog, and its associated artifacts are pretty straightforward. But I’m thinking that the method of storing email in individual mailstores is probably not terribly efficient these days.

So continue along the path of figuring things out. Maybe it wouldn’t have made sense in 2005; it’s not 2005 anymore.

Looking at things that way really aren’t looked upon kindly, professionally. See: Boomer President IV on aircraft carrier equipment. (The current guy thinks it should be a return to seaplanes….)

But I try to stay up on things as best I can.

I’ve also really learned to accept that I don’t have all the answers to everything. I don’t have any delusion that my work is perfect, either.

More is coming

In between talks, I’ve been dealing with thoughts about the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), which has been an ongoing issue of concern on several of the shows I consume.

My initial thought was that regardless of the type of currency you’re issued, it doesn’t matter. You can exchange it for whatever good, currency, or service you want.

But there’s also the issue where they can dictate what you can spend the digital currency on, and take it back retroactively.

If there’s a stipulation that you can only spend the currency at certain places, might that contradict the idea that Federal Reserve Notes are good for all debts public or private. (If you have one nearby, look; it says that right on the bill)

Further, if previously-issued funds can be taken back, were you paid? Would that violate various employment laws? So, you’re making $42/hr., but you went to the capitol on January 6, 2021. Can money be taken from you because you were there? What if the retroactive taking bumps your compensation down to less than the agreed-upon $42/hr.?

Are labor unions okay with this: What if there was a stipulation that you could only spend those coins on things your employer or the state approves of: I mean, you might want to hit every single New York Jets road game in the upcoming season. I don’t know why you’d want to do that, but you should be able to. How about tithing a certain percentage to your church?

Still working through it all…..

I will finish up my Shmoocon write-ups after I get home.

Sure Happy It’s Thursday

S.H.I.Thursdays, everybuddy. *quack*quack*

I’m really happy I didn’t end up a zookeeper.

Especially, now, where instead of going to a crappy little station somewhere to be a minor local celeb, but I really prefer where I am.

Obviously I don’t like having MS. It was more than a little dismaying learning that an old journaling friend was diagnosed the past fall.

Things change, but you can always leave.

I unsubscribed from a few podcasts after what happened with Russia and Ukraine. I emailed Kennedy to tell her I wouldn’t be watching episodes where she’s got those people as guests.

One of them lost the debate I went to see in NYC, and I’ve written about here before.

But you also can sorta go back again. So I’ll go to the TWUUG meeting tonight before I do extra work. Party.

Suddenly Saturday

I really didn’t feel like working yesterday, but I did. I also ended up working last night to address an operational issue that arose over the work day.

Since then, minus about four hours of sleep, I’ve been watching what’s going on in Ukraine.

Many of the information sources I’ve been consuming the past couple of years were completely wrong.

There’s just no other way to put it. I was convinced that the Russians would try to invade.

And they did.

And there’s been near silence about it.

Checking his Twitter feed, pretty much nothing over the past two days, save a link to fucking

Calling back to the late, great P.J. O’Rourke, Give War A Chance.

I’m too frazzled to write terribly coherently right now.

But there’s lots of things where I’d signed-up for something that’s proving to be untrue.

Sunday With

There’s a Sportsball game or something today. Hat-tip to Bald Bryan.

I guess what annoys me is the admonition that goes along with it. So you don’t care about Football. Great. Many people do. If you don’t want to participate in the hoopla surrounding, go do what you’d like to do. Or make some money serving the people who do care.

I admit I’ve mocked people in the past for engaging in activities I don’t understand. I know I said a few things about the people camped out outside of the theaters when Star Wars came out in 1999

I had a job back then. If I didn’t, I could have done something.t

At the same time, I was still such a stickler for following THE RULES back then, I probably would have never even considered doing anything ummm, outside them. There’s a “No soliciting” sign in the theatre parking lot. Okay, and? Who would I have been hurting, really, by providing for those people with interests that differ from my own?

Kind of feeds in to what’s going on with the truckers blocking all sorts of shit right now. They don’t like THE RULES, and, by just doing what they can, they’re really fucking things up for the PM up there.

Yah, sorry. We’re not leavin’.

The autocorrect in Safari is kind of annoying.

But, being such a stickler for following rules, no matter how stupid they are, worked for me well for a long time. Following them feeds into my obsessive side.

The compulsive side, on the other hand, is writing. Obviously, I’ve managed to stay pretty sparse over here since I finished NoJoMo. I am writing episode recaps over at Back At Again, but that’s about it.

I hope this week is rather low-stress, as opposed to last week.

None of the Above

I watched the debate between Spike Cohen and Dave Smith on Locals last night.

The title is a reference to this.

After thinking more about it, the less intrigued I am about either of the potential candidates.

Much like the Krystol-Horton “debate” at the Soho Forum, the more I heard, the less impressed I was.

To the participants — Spike, don’t wish for an Anachro-Capitalist society. I understand that, likely, there’s a lot less of my life ahead of me. (I worked through Y2K; I’m wondering if I’ll be around to see Y2K38) I think you could articulate a way to minimize the weight of the state on most people’s lives.

Dave, please find a book by someone with whom you disagree, read it, and write a brief summary of the arguments the author presented. Yes, there’s bad things the US did in South and Central America places in the past. Noted. It’s not why there’s tens of thousands of Haitians trying to cross into Texas. But that you floated out something from a very-biased take on history doesn’t add anything to your argument.

I find myself unimpressed with the options presented. None of the above.

Both of these guys are frequent guests on Kennedy, something which I often view.

Part of what one of the things that’s argued about the LP Mieses Caucus is an attempt to push ideas at lower levels to get libertarians to take advantage of the things that are coming up in the “alternative” media outlets.

I understand and enjoy the format. I really don’t think it lends itself to presentation of any coherent idea about policy.

Landing that fifteen-second clip that gets repeatedly shared on Twitter/Facebook/whatever, doesn’t explain what changes you would make to the existing morass that is the modern state. What will you do to move people from under the boot of the state? Next year. Not thirty years down the road. What are you going to do to bring people towards a system based on freedom?

On Slackerdom

I am this morning, having woken up, then shutting my alarm off. Considering how much work I owe for this pay period, I’m in no particular hurry to get going; I’m tired.

Not sure who I’d like to see win the football game tonight. One of the podcasts I listen to has a Cardinals’ fan, which was an oddity to me for a long time. When I thought about them in about 2016, I realized that I’d actually never met a Cards’ fan. Not once. But then there was a woman I worked with who actually was; she’d grown up in the “Valley of the Sun,” and they’d been out there most of her life, so it fit.

Enough of that. I wanted to show something that came across on Twitter the past couple of days.

This is a perfect example of what the LPMC folks don’t understand.

If you don’t like a private company[s policies, deny them your business. You can leave. Subtle nudging, as I think I did, goes a long way toward making people think about what they’re doing. It doesn’t require any sort of loud pronouncement.

LPMC campaign strategy is similar to the underpants gnomes.

The LPMC strategy is:

Phase 1: RON PAUL

Phase 2: ???

Phase 3: Profit!

But the bigger thing that I think they’re missing is that you deprive private organizations that don’t align with your values your money.

I don’t care if you think you think you’ve got the most important, compelling message in the universe, if you don’t like how an outfit operates, deny them your content. You can leave.

If your message is worthwhile, a worthwhile audience will find it, regardless of where it is.

If you think your audience isn’t discerning enough to follow you to a place that adheres to the values you claim to admire, your message speaks for itself.

No Bother

I relistened to the debate I mentioned here. If you’d like to watch the debate, it’s here.

Again, the resolution was this:

A willingness to intervene, and to seek regime change, is key to an American foreign policy that benefits America.

This was an Oxford-style debate. The “winner” is the one who changes the audience’s opinion the most.

Before the debate, I cast my vote as undecided. Following the debate, I gave my vote, much to my dismay, to Krystol.

After listening again, despite Horton’s seemingly-irrelevant interjections, I reluctantly opposed the resolution.

But, on further consideration, there’s not two, but four separate options.

Do you have a willingness to intervene? Yes or no.

Do you have a willingness to seek regime change? Yes or no.

So, the First Gulf War would have been: Intervene, yes. Seek Regime change, no.

Afghanistan in 2001, or Somalia in 1992? Intervene, yes. Seek regime change, not particularly at first.

Panama 1989? Intervene, yes. Seek regime change, yes.

Libya in 2013? Intervene, for the most part, no. Seek regime change? Absolutely.

Egypt in 2013? Intervene, no. Seek regime change? Not particularly, but it happened, and we were okay with it, even though it meant the Muslim Brotherhood.

Iraq 1991 – 2003: Intervene, yes. Seek regime change? No

Rwanda 1994: Intervene, no. Seek regime change? No, just stop the massacre.

Libya 2003ish-2013: Intervene, no, seek regime change? No.


By and large, however, I’m opposed to intervention. I didn’t support the Second Iraq War until I heard Tony Blair argue for it in front of Parliament.

But breaking it down into the separate combinations….

Are there times when America should intervene, and not seek regime change? Sometime, absolutely.

Are there times when America should intervene, and seek regime change? Yes.

Are there times when Americas should seek regime change without intervention? I would say that that’s pretty rare.

Are there times when America should stay as far away as possible? Yes.

That neither of the debaters noticed the problem with this resolution is actually pretty incredible, now, in retrospec.

What are Saturdays for?

Kind of my question of the day, though this is the last somewhat-normal one I’m probably goi8ng to have for the rest of the year.

My wife told me yesterday that she doesn’t want to go anywhere for the holidays. I’m good with that, but I would like to really do holiday food stuff. I might get some pushback on that, but…..we’ll see.

I want comforting food as the weather gets cold.

Something to enjoy as things wind down here on the edge of the DC swamp. I think both of us want out. Enough, already.

I’m listening to this after gulping down copious amounts of Lorenzotti Coffee.

What else…

I need to finalize my writing prompts for next month. So far, I have only a few.

Obviously, I’ll write a long entry to start, probably written early because I expect to be undersedation for a medical procedure at the end of the day.

  • Day after election day.
  • Veterans’ Day.
  • Birthdays.
  • Thanksgiving.
  • Christmas Shopping, plans.
  • What is the most out there movie or book that you can’t get enough?
  • Do you have goals that you want to accomplish? What are they? What is your plan to achieve them?
  • What I have accomplished in the last 10 years?

I’ll probably also combine a few shorter queeries I have in to one larger entry.

So if you have ideas, I’m open.

I’m excited to do this.