Wonder how I missed this….

Fumbling around on Neal Boortz’s website….never read this before.
Not that the Republicansn are much better in many aspects, but you get all that when you vote for Democrats on the national level. W00t.
I do agree with removing the mortgage deduction. I actually think there should be no deductions, whatsoever. No payroll taxes, either. The best solution would be taxes on consumption, combined with tariffs and excise taxes. Alternatively, you tax income at a flat rate (same percentage for everyone) with no deductions. No personal deduction. No deductions for kids. Nothing.


Blogfeed and 757 should be back up and running again after Adam broke Perl.
Nothing much going on here. Tired, not sleeping right.
I pwn drived.
He sucks at DOD .
And if he makes fun of my network again……….