Easy Like A Sunday Morning

Not going to really elaborate on what’s going on, but I’m not in my normal place this morning.

I still stand by what I last wrote; I think the party in power deserves full credit for the impending problems.

That an ActBlue donor might have disrupted that yesterday doesn’t do a lot to change my take.

You broke it, you bought it.

The shooter was twenty years old, and a registered Republican. I don’t know a ton about the politics in Western Pennsylvania, but it might be a case of you really need to be a member of the dominant party to vote in the party’s primary. I live in a city in Virginia that’s been Blue since the Northern Aggressors left in 1877. All of the local elections are basically the Democrat Primary.

But rest assured I’m going to look askance at you if I know you ever donated a penny to ActBlue.

Repeating Vignettes

After seeing more political bits:

  • The government is too big to fail

This was a big SCOTUS ruling at the end of last week after the President’s epic debate performance. The decision overturning “Chevron Deference.”

So much of what happened under Obama and Trump was based on the idea that the regulatory agencies can make whatever rule they wan;t. the bureaucrats are the experts.

I really wonder how much of the out-of-control Federal spending is directly-related to agencies spending stolen money to enforce whatever expert rules they crafted. The experts say you can’t have a gas stove. It is, after all, bad for children’s health, AND it belches carbon into Gaia’s atmosphere.

I really don’t know how much of the agencies’ budgets are dedicated to enforcement of whatever regulations THE EXPERTS have invented.

I know, I know, I haven’t bought the credentials to question their conclusions. Moreover, how dare I think that everything should expire at some point?

Are you an anti-government extremist?

Given my very-skeptical past with religion, being called a “Christian Nationalist” doesn’t really work, either.

  • You broke it, you bought it

Despite many accusations from extended friends and family, I never voted for President Trump. Not once. The only time it’s ever really crossed my mind was following the conviction in Alvin Bragg’s show trial in Manhattan. That almost made me forget his deranged speech to the LP National Convention.

There really isn’t anything there worth considering, though. Even that absolute miscarriage of the legal system might well be tainted by inclusion of testimony protected by Presidential immunity. Credit to the Al Frankel network for hitting on this.

I don’t know what evidence, exactly, was presented at trial, but if any of it was actually protected by EP, the verdict has to be vacated. There’s still disagreement about this. I do think the interpretation the New York statute probably conflicts I kind of suspect that a non-unanimous verdict is at odds with Ramos, but, again, it’ll have to snake through years of appeals before we’ll ever know.

The inflation in prices should be expected. Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden have absolutely exploded spending based on interest rates that don’t even cover, you know, food, fuel, housing, and equities.

Spending, since Y2K, has massively outpaced tax revenues.

It has to stop; the math just doesn’t work. Boomer largesse is coming to its messy end.

So, I support Biden and/or Harris. They’re responsible for this, and I’d rather see them in office as at all collapses. Yes, it might be easier to blame Trump, but there’s thirty years’-worth of politicians who deserve the scorn.

Might as well be Joe.

It’s not like there’s anyone with voting for from the LP.