Exile in Guyville review

My wife had forgotten about the show, so I went solo. Took a taxi up there; does that count towards Small Business Saturday? How about the one drink I bought at the show?

I would say the place was only about 70% full, which I guess makes sense; not many of us GenXers out there.

The opening act was good. I’ll probably look up on Apple Music a few times in the next few weeks when I have some time. I will say that it was tough to hear the lead singer’s voice, however, due to the audio mix. A bit of the same strange levels with Liz, but she was a little easier to hear.

AS it’d been pitched, Liz played Exile In Guyville from stare-to-finish. For the encore, she generally played a hit off of her other albums Was very happy to hear Supernova, and Polyester Bride. (Two tracks that have gotten significant play on my various devices throughout the years….)

This was the first time for me going down to “The Wharf.” I get what they were going for, but there was a lot that screamed some of the pre-planned parts in Tidewater.

Getting in was a bit of an issue. Glad I didn’t have a bag. Didn’t check my coat. Might have needed to do that if it was more crowded, but I had enough space.

The entry was a bit odd, but I finally got behind some other folks who were attending. Once I was inside, it was pretty easy. Didn’t take my normal laptop, but had pockets loaded with some of the things I’d most often need to fetch.

Happy that there was no vaxport stupidity.

The whole experience was closer to kind of what I’d been expecting moving up here.

It’s a nice change from the absolute hell I’d been dealing with for too many years.

So. What’s up for the rest of the month?

A few more days writing. Shot Wednesday that’s, for some reason, giving me a bit of irrational trepidation, then…?

I think I would like to go see a comedy show.