Small Business Saturdays

Oh my. I need to find something. Do the taxi rides I plan to take this evening count?

SBA links the AMEX site.

I did order food last night, though it wasn’t on my AMEX. \^/hatever.

I kinda go out of my way to shop with small, especially local, merchants as much as I can.

I can recall early in my time working where things like computers would be purchased from a local shop for what seemed like an unreasonable price. In retrospect, the markup really wasn’t that much.

And it kept other people working.

It sort of goes with where I am with travel now, too. I could save a few bucks here and there, or I could be taken care of.

I think the bigger part of that, though, is that I was broke back then. There were many instances where I did things the hard way, because that’s all I could afford.

Kind of getting distracted by what I’ve got on in the background.

I’m reminded of Trump talking about dealing with labor unions. You want something don, you go talk to this guy, and it’ll get taken care of.

Part of my company’s annual training involved grease payments. It’s generally okay to bribe peoplepay extra to expedite things that would normally occur.

I mentioned the taxi rides tonight. Full review of what I did is coming later.

Still excited.


Fits with some of the refreshers on mid-90s Feminism in preparation for… Almost forgot. During the Dolphins-Jets game yesterday. Space Cowboy Jeff’s TV series called something along the lines of Small Duck. (Yes, I did make an effort to STFW and find it…and couldn’t this morning. Don’t care enough to look further.)



I’ve been a dude for a long time. But I can’t think of a single dude with whom I’ve compared the size of my junk. Certainly there were dudes with whom I am acquainted that there’d be giggling among the women about physical size. Then there are stories like Milton Berle.

After a very young age, it became just one of those things. I’ve got a schqantz. You’ve got one, too. Whatever. I’ve never considered, much less been jealous of, another guy’s equipment.

I would say that it’s just another example of me being weird, but I really don’t think so.