It really feels like it should be Saturday.

Thanksgiving recap

I alluded to it yesterday when I was writing — just incredible sleep Wednesday night into Thursday.

I’d made brief reference to it before, but I wound up ordering a Thanksgiving feast from Lena’s in Alexandria.

Very well-received. Probably didn’t need the pumpkin cheesecake I added on at the end. While it’s very tasty, I worry about my wife and I being able to finish it.

Add-on two, extra dinner rolls, was met…a push? My wife had bought different rolls because she didn’t think her mother would eat the brioche rolls. I didn’t find that out until after I’d ordered. They’re bread; they’re not really expensive, so whatever.

Add-on three was very well-received. House-made pasta was incredible.

So. The family who visited were very satisfied.

The little dog got fed things despite my wife’s objections. Not going to point fingers at the guilty party, but she’s been dealing with an upset GI tract, and, as side-effect of that, missed a dose of her some of her medications.

So she’s not been okay this morning. Hoping that she’ll settle down today as the medications take effect.

Football wasn’t great. I probably paid most attention to the Lions’ game. Ended up disappointed, of course, but I do think that they’re building a football team that I like.

I was losing consciousness during the night game, so I headed to bed.

Too early, it seems, considering how I was awake when the dog started having problems in the we hours…

So. What else today?

‘Do I watch the Jets’ game today? Mmmmm…maybe?’

Maybe I’ll look at some of the “Black Friday” sales. But the only thing on my internal shopping list isn’t going to have any real discounts anywhere. My debate with that is how I should buy it. Do I buy it on my longest-lived line of credit that I got a warning they were going to cancel if I didn’t use it soon? Hmmm…

But it’s late enough that I should go get some coffee.