Resurrection Way

The Baptist Church across from my final high school used to put up a sign on their lawn the week before Easter.

Naturally, with a high school several letters from the sign would suspiciously get knocked over giving the sign a completely different meaning.

There’s things young guys do that could cause a lot of anxiety for someone who’s very sensitive.


We do grow up. Deal With It. We don’t stay that way forever.

You take in information as it comes, and you make adjustments.

People age. Desires change. Nothing is going to be exactly the same way again.

That really doesn’t fit well with politicians, however. Especially not with the ones hellbent on resurrecting something from the past.

The former and current administration keep trying to do things to resurrect something they found.


Just stop trying to rebuild the rust belt where you have to buy everything from the company store at union prices, or make America great again.

But, I know, liberal values are all based on racism and privilege.

What do you do? What do you like? I want to avoid participating in any of it.

Did stumble across something interesting the other day related to what I wrote about in the You’re Wrong entry.

CNN on the NAR thing.

So your agent and Suzanne are going to have to figure out what their fees are going to be, and you can walk away if you think Suzanne is being unreasonable.

Oh well.

Move along.

Fun night last night at DC Comedy Loft for my wife’s birthday.

Again, that sort of access is what I was excited about coming up here. The difference in my QoL is immeasurable.

Shit’s really expensive, though, and a lot of that is attributable to the stupid suff politicians have don, and continue to do.

Started in on Agua Donkeys on BlazeTV. While I get through the other original thing they were pitching, I’m not going to do the same for this.

I’m not going to make a pronouncement about where or not it’s funny. That’s irrelevant. It’s not something I’m enjoying watching, so I’m not spending any more time on it.

Sunday Funday

Yeah, no writing yesterday because I was working to fix a problem that someone else should have been following while I was away, and really isn’t my responsibility, either. So it goes. I’ll keep doing what I can to help even if I’m really frustrated.

Best friend from high school turned me on to this.

My responses to this, especially with the first few episodes…

  1. I wonder if some of the neuroscience stuff might of be interest the docs at Georgetown. A lot of the research cited is involving how a child’s brain synchronizes the various elements of language to learn to read. I’m wondering how the decline of my vision is affecting my language. It’s very difficult for me to read at this point. I do listen to lots of things, but reading something is often just an exercise in frustration. (Aside — The Substack app would need to improve to suck when it comes to reading on an iPhone SE screen. I can enable zoom to help some, but it’s still frustrating. So, too, are the things I’m trying to consume as a freeloader that don’t allow you to listen to an ep unless you’re a paying subscriber. Cluestick — I might wanna read your stuff, but that doesn’t mean I’m sure I wanna pay for it. If I like it, I will, of course, but…) In some ways, this would be of more interest to me than whatever effects the various psychotropic substances would have on me.
  2. The podcast would (have been?) of great interstress to my mother when she was completely cogent. (That’s where I was end of last week, and early this week. I did send the podcast to her, but I’m not sure if she’ll be able to listen to it. Kind of wondering whether digging into something she was working on when she was healthy. The Bush Derangement Syndrome afflicting one of the teachers who was completely against My Pet Goat until her kid was diagnosed with Dyslexia. I don’t know if she’ll get a chance to listen to it, but I’m wondering if something like that might spark something.

Had other interesting discussions about current events. Even more is coming about the disaster that is the Libertarian Party.

Just turn it off, and you’ll be more content.

I still have no idea what I’m going to do when it comes to November. At this point, I think I’ll probably end up writing in someone for President. Vice President isn’t something I can really split on the Virginia ballot, but voting against the Vice President would be very high on my priority list after seeing this.

It ties back to the suspicion I’d said a few weeks ago — that there’d be people who will find some way to pin what’s going on in Haiti on the US.


But it’ll fit in with what I wrote about recently; right about everything all the time. All along.

You’re Wrong

Yes, it’s one of the podcasts I frequently consume. But the impossibility of being wrong was something that the RON PAUL crowd would eagerly proclaim about their political prognostications.

Right. About everything. All of the time.

Like Russia wasn’t going to invade Ukraine.

That Russia would win quickly.

That it’d steer people away from joining NATO.

That the Petrodollar would collapse because of BRICS, and they’d be able to make up the difference because of global demand.

Right. About everything. All of the time. RON PAUL

Similarly, there was a new story as I was languishing in a hotel room in Biloxi that gave me a lot of pause.

To hear the explanations for the “housing bubble,” it was all about either the Federal Reserve, or the big banks.

NAR agreed to a settlement of early a half-billion dollars about the things they’ve done.

That’s not the big banks. It’s not the Fed. Both the buyers’ and sellers’ agents were making a 3% commission on every house they sold.

How many of those people suffered anything for their part in creating the crisis.

I think I’ve written about how the radio where I was working in 1999 had twelve separate mortgage br0kers advertising on two AM talk stations at the same time. Most of them were arm-in-arm with a Realtor. Only a Realtor is a Realtor.

The agent gets his/her 3% for the sale. The mortgage broker gets a cut on the initial sale, a fee when it’s refinanced, then bundles them to sell off to Fannie or Freddie.

The Realtor has a fancy new car to show off properties and further perpetuate the scheme.

What do the Millenia’s do in response? Elect Obama who reinflated the housing and stock markets.

Trump, armed with still-depressed interest rates, continued the inflation.

Sally the Realtor, and Bill the mortgage broker, yeah, they had to surrender their leased vehicles, but never faced anything more in penalties.

And, while they head towards retirement, are taking tax deductions for whatever mortgage interest they’ve got left.

And they’ll do that forever.

103 days.

That’s how long until every single Boomer can start taking pre-tax withholdings without penalty.

Green St. Patrick’s Day

Nobody else here in the hotel restaurant I swearing green, also I’m less concerned about getting pinched.

Is my laptop bag a little green? Does that count as apparel?

It doesn’t matter. You shouldn’t be pinching strangers. Or even people you know.

Mind is racing at this point following more disunion of the Just Asking Questions ep w/ Radley Blake and Coleman Hughes. The criticism of the “debate” was flowing back to The Fifth Column. Why would they be “platforming” someone who denies Chauvin’s judgement as a murderer?

Um. Because free people can believe whatever they’d like about anything, and there’s no danger in having someone on who arrives at a different conclusion than the prevailing narrative.

I mean, there’s people who ardently believe that the Earth is hollow, and people’s souls are stored inside that hollow core.

Um. Okay, then. Nice to meet you. I’d be okay never speaking to you again. And there’s nothing wrong with me having that opinion.

I think I wrote a bit about the documentary that pretty proclaimed Chauvin’s innocence in George Floyd’s death.

While I don’t believe that, I would say that on balance, Chauvin nad ht either officers probably harmed society less than a lot of the people who burned the city in the aftermath.

Upstairs for more coffee consumption…

Okay. The whole thing kind of speaks to the whole there’s one-right-way-to-think-about anything. The talk with the president of the University of Austin also touched on this. You are free to reach whatever conclusions you like about just about anything.

Why his that controversial?

Why do you deserve the worst ham the state can bring down if you do the wrong thing?

Don’t platform people.

Did Michael Cohen explain this to you from what he saw in Prague, Sister Rachel?

Forgot to upload this:

View out the back of the hotel from the breakfast room.

Play “Freebird” For Me

The inline spellcheck doesn’t like “Freebird.” C’mon, Tim. You’re from Alabama. That’s not misspelled.

Things to remember for next trip — check the dates of spring break.

That’s definitely affected hotel selection.

Laying half-awake thinking about a lot of things. I fell asleep yesterday afternoon. Big springtime thunderstorm. Nothing I really wanted to do. Let the medication I’d left behind course through my system, and sleep. What should have been a two-hour nap ended up being about six and a half. Oops.

But it was fine.

Dinner was okay. I ordered a gin Martini. He didn’t understand what it was.


Martini. Made with gin. Not vodka. Martini.



You want it with Crown, not Jack?


Oh. *scurries away*


Probably because he didn’t have a clue about what a Martini was, he didn’t ask what I’d like in it. The bartender also sent two shot glasses — one containing lime, one containing four pimento-stuffed olives. (I used the former, if that’s of any interest at all to anyone….not like anyone’s reading this, anyway…)

But back to the somewhat-incomprehensible at this point title.

A lot of what I’ve been listening to/watching on my ride has been about creation of things, I guess. Works of literature. Jokes. Music.

Can anyone really playFreebird” well?

Does anyone really need to hear it?

Maybe as evidence of your ability to do something, but I’m not seeing a lot beyond that.

There’s videos various places around the Intertubes of Brad Paisley playing “Hot For Teacher” in concert. Shows that he is a very good guitarist. Fun little factoid, but doesn’t say much about his overall talent.

I suppose the question is how to you weave the various things you do have into something that’s of interest to someone, even if that’s only you, yourself.

There are some clever people out there. Sadly, I often find myself listening to things like this. God I want to throttle that guy.

Still no gambling. Getting here so late Thursday night, and errand on Friday morning, then accidental deep nap. Oops.

Maybe the next one. But I have a stay at a hotel intervening because of the price of the casino rooms.

But more soon. Maybe.

Epic Sprint to Oblivion

Trying to tick off some of the buzzwords I’m hearing a lot lately.

We don’t know what the hell we’re doing, but we’re going to do it faster with less concern for design and cost. It’ll totally work.

Why am I reminded of the Raiders circa 2004?

Because that’s where my scarred brain goes. What can I do?

But things still aren’t fixed with my main work. At every turn, there’s another reason not to light things off.

The ancient nature of it all makes that less of a concern, but it’s still something that is bang-your-head-on-the-desk bothersome.

I’m getting to the point where I’m gaining enough insight to offer alternatives.

Naturally, that evokes the we’ve-been-doing-this-a-long-time. response.

You know, if you’re behaving that way with your own money, whatever. When you’re doing it with other people’s money, that’s a different story. Even more so when it’s money that’s been stolen from othersderived from taxes.

But I return to my tried-and-true suspicion — that something simple is usually the correct approach.

The simple solution will work well for a while. Then, maybe, the reasons you rejected something in the past disappear, and there’s something better to replace things.

So says the dude who’s spent a lot more time than he should trying to get Mailman2 to compile and run from pkgsrc.

What else from the week?

State of the Union spech.

I watched. Unimpressed. Same with the response.

*wanders off to look to see if I wrote about the last really-unhinged similar speech from 2009*

Nope. Nothing.

Take-aways from Joey Bideness’s address:

  • January 6th was the worst thing ever
  • Let’s pass the John Lewis voting bill that’ll make it impossible for anyone not anointed by the Party of Bull Connor to win
  • Joining a union will make your life better, and fix every problem you have
  • Orange Man Bad
  • The economy is awesome
  • Companies are greedy
  • Orange Man Really Bad
  • Building a port in Gaza for humanitarian aid
  • The immigration bill that didn’t get drafted until a few months ago would have prevented the problems caused by the excisemen of the polices from Orange Man Gad in January 2021

Katie Britt’s response

  • Joey Bideness is bad
  • Laken Riley
  • Teach your kids to Roll Tide

Nobody’s going to fix things, and will probably make things worse.

I just don’t want to participate with anything. With the folks from Auburn flirting with RFK Jr. again, more, that’ll eliminate him has the least-worst option for me in November.

Screw you guys, I’m goin’ home.

Rainy Saturday

Autocomplete suggested that I title this “Rainy Saturday Morning.” I suspect that I wrote that sometime in the past, but I’m a little too lazy to go check. Maybe after I write.

With football gone, I’ve been paying a bit more attention to news. This week’s been a doozy.

Going kind of revers-follow order, what is going on in Moldova? Just something I stumbled across looking at “Trending” on TwitterX. (The people really incensed about dead-naming never say anything when it’s done to a website; why is that?) Romania is a NATO and EU country. Moldova is the latter, and actually looks like it’d be a good fit for the former, so that means Russia should take it. Um.

*glances over to see that WordPress is warning me about my colors being difficult to read. What? I’d be writing this in EMACS if there was a good way to do that, and only use your editor because it’s convenient. By the way, it’d be really helpful if there was a way to set to open new links in tabs so I don’t have to click on them twice. Kthxbai*

But it looks like the Moldovans have been trying to integrate themselves into a modern Europe. You know, a place that respects the human rights as enumerated by Locke.

But, like, see, my Uber drive once told me that there was this agreement between Gorbachev and Bush 41 saying after German reunification, there’d be no eastward advance of NATO. I mean, the guy who explained that there wasn’t genocide in either Cambodia or Bosnia said it happened, so it happened.

Along those lines, also tailing the Steve Baker and Catherine Herridge stories.

Whether or not you appreciate their reporting, there’s absolutely a right to report whatever. And withhold your sources.

Where you think those rights come from is entirely up to you. At one time, the enlightened world at least agreed on those rights.

Today, on the other hand, the only fundamental human right is to have a vote automatically tallied for you as being for one particular political party.

I should fill out my absentee ballot, even though it’ll make absolutely no difference where I live.

I also have been following, from a distance, the stuff going on with the cases surrounding President Trump. Especially what’s going on in Fulton County, Georgia.

The merits of the case, as with most racketeering cases, seem very weak to me. I understand that Rudy Giuliani made a name for himself using similar Federal statutes against the New York Mafia families, but were things really better in New York because a bunch of well-dressed guys ended up slicing the garlic so thin you could see through it?

Or was it because of other things?

But back to Fani, I remember being a young dude working in broadcast, glancing at a young woman DJ who’d actually talk to me.

“Don’t shit where you eat.”

Of course, I knew the rules around sexual harassment. It was kind of everywhere in military education following Tailhook.

But, even without the power dynamics, it’s generally a good idea not to even consider anyone you work with.

The perils outweigh any possible benefits.