Epic Sprint to Oblivion

Trying to tick off some of the buzzwords I’m hearing a lot lately.

We don’t know what the hell we’re doing, but we’re going to do it faster with less concern for design and cost. It’ll totally work.

Why am I reminded of the Raiders circa 2004?

Because that’s where my scarred brain goes. What can I do?

But things still aren’t fixed with my main work. At every turn, there’s another reason not to light things off.

The ancient nature of it all makes that less of a concern, but it’s still something that is bang-your-head-on-the-desk bothersome.

I’m getting to the point where I’m gaining enough insight to offer alternatives.

Naturally, that evokes the we’ve-been-doing-this-a-long-time. response.

You know, if you’re behaving that way with your own money, whatever. When you’re doing it with other people’s money, that’s a different story. Even more so when it’s money that’s been stolen from othersderived from taxes.

But I return to my tried-and-true suspicion — that something simple is usually the correct approach.

The simple solution will work well for a while. Then, maybe, the reasons you rejected something in the past disappear, and there’s something better to replace things.

So says the dude who’s spent a lot more time than he should trying to get Mailman2 to compile and run from pkgsrc.

What else from the week?

State of the Union spech.

I watched. Unimpressed. Same with the response.

*wanders off to look to see if I wrote about the last really-unhinged similar speech from 2009*

Nope. Nothing.

Take-aways from Joey Bideness’s address:

  • January 6th was the worst thing ever
  • Let’s pass the John Lewis voting bill that’ll make it impossible for anyone not anointed by the Party of Bull Connor to win
  • Joining a union will make your life better, and fix every problem you have
  • Orange Man Bad
  • The economy is awesome
  • Companies are greedy
  • Orange Man Really Bad
  • Building a port in Gaza for humanitarian aid
  • The immigration bill that didn’t get drafted until a few months ago would have prevented the problems caused by the excisemen of the polices from Orange Man Gad in January 2021

Katie Britt’s response

  • Joey Bideness is bad
  • Laken Riley
  • Teach your kids to Roll Tide

Nobody’s going to fix things, and will probably make things worse.

I just don’t want to participate with anything. With the folks from Auburn flirting with RFK Jr. again, more, that’ll eliminate him has the least-worst option for me in November.

Screw you guys, I’m goin’ home.